Monday, May 18, 2009

"Faithfully" caps


Briena said...

What'd everyone think of last nights epi??? Where did his niece come from?? Who's kid is that? Again, I'm unimpressed w/this season..anyone else???

Sharon said...

Very confused on the niece - hope there is a logical explanation - which we should have been given beforehand. It's almost like there should have been another episode before this one explaining that.

Jezebel said...

It seemed to me that "Faithfully" should have been the first episode of the new season. Anyone else think that? I feel like we've seen episodes out of order.
I also think we'll learn that Robert has at least one half-sibling from his connection to Brady. Maybe we'll learn he found them online or in a support group or something. But I think we'll find out that he now has "family." Meeting them, talking about Brady, will probably help him heal. It also gives the audience hope for Bobby for the future - that he's not completely alone. And that other people will understand him because they've been through this shock, too.
That's my take on it anyway.
I still don't know what's happened to Donny...

Susan1212 said...

Thank you for these caps, Reel! I'm glad to know Robert has some family he has reached out to and connected with. Good to see him smile again!
Loved the "Batman" remark and the sarcastic whisper at the gathering after the funeral.
The writing needs work, but the writers are just getting to know Goren and Eames. Hopefully they will "get" them more each epi.

Judy said...

Considering how adoringly he looked at the little girl and seemed to be so proud when he mentioned her to Eames, I'm wondering if he had a child nine years ago who was adopted or being raised by relatives. The little girl did look a lot like him.

val said...

I can't wait to see this. It was originally meant to be the opening episode, we knew that way back when we thought we were getting them in the Autumn.

Someone said there was a mention on USA about a Great Aunt Connie (obviously something got cut out in the editing room) and it seems to me that a much older cousin might be called uncle by a much younger one.

shepherd_d said...

I thought it was a great episode!!!!

Bunny said...


nuri36 said...

So they are airing them out of order...just record all the episodes and watch them back in the order they are supposed to be in, what is the problem?

Lizzie said...

If USA are catching up with any of the flack - and there are some who are getting seriously bent out of shape about an erroneous, but completely fictional zip code for heavenssake!! - currently being aimed at LOCI, they must be wondering why they even bothered spending money on an 8th season. No doubt those shouting it down will be VERY happy should this turn out to be the last year.

Some complained they didn't like the more 'personal' stories, now they're complaining about the more procedural stories. Seems to me the writers - and cast - just can't win.


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