Monday, May 11, 2009

Spoiler Chat: Who Dies on Your Fave TV Shows?

E!, 5.11.09

Matt in San Francisco: With so many of the veterans leaving the Law & Order franchise, does that mean Vincent D'Onofrio will be next?

Good news! He's not leaving Law & Order: Criminal Intent anytime soon. Vincent says of sticking around, "As long as they'll have me. Absolutely."


Bunny said...

They'd be stupid to get rid of him and he'd be even dumber to go. With this economy, hollywood will be feeling the pinch soon enough, but TV will do well, because more people will be looking for cheap alternatives to going out, which means "smaller" sundance-esc movies, I fear, won't fair so well as big box office adventures and "lude" comedies that seem to be prevailing as of late. *sigh* I feel the younger generations getting dumber and dumber as we LOL, ROTFLMAO and Tweeter our way into intellectual extinction.

samuela said...
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Lizzie said...

'Dumb' is not a word I've ever associated with Vincent, Bunny. He has repeatedly said he'll STAY with LOCI for as long as there is a LOCI, and that the split-shift deal has given him 'the best job on TV'. It's not his fault others are deaf to his word and have been for years now.

NLfan said...

Well, that's one worry out of the way! I'm so glad to hear that Vincent plans to stick with LOCI. He has a pretty sweet deal there and he seems to appreciate that fact. As long as Vincent stays with the show, I'll remain an avid fan. Lets hope the ratings don't betray us all.

samuela said...

What I really fear is a decrease in ratings and audience interest in the show. Last season was great for fans because it showed that LOCI still holds its own when it comes to attracting a good quality audience. I sense this year things are not going so well. It would be lethal for the series.

Bunny said...

I know he's not dumb. I'm tired with the speculation. Enough already. SVU has me ticked with their "contract" negotiations, that currently pay them 7 million a year. *sigh* If I were them, I'd shut up, take the money and act, before Wall Street tumbles. I like Vincents Character, especially Eames. The two mesh well and it would be sad if they didn't have the same run as the mother ship is. I enjoyed Green and Brisco, and Green and Lupo. Lupo and Anderson, not so much. I find Anderson annoying as a serious actor, but enjoy his comedy. In short, I DON'T LIKE CHANGE! :( excuse me while I go fetal.

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