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"Lady's Man" caps

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Briena said...

I was so excited to see this particular episode. This is the episode that Vince was filming when I ran into him on 7th Ave. The charcoal grey suit and blue shirt is how I saw him dressed. I now realized they were filimg that bar scene on 7th and 20th or 21st St inside this really cool bar. He looks hot..just like the day I saw him on 2/25. Great of the betters this season.

KARINA said...

All I can say at the moment about this episode is.... WOW!! Start to finish... WOW!! ;)

NLfan said...

Excellent episode. Great story and Bobby is back to his old, quirky self. Loved the focus on Eames' past and the G/E relationship. Obviously the new writers have done their homework and are getting up to speed. Can't wait for more G/E episodes.

Anonymous said...

This was one of the most enjoyable episodes I've ever seen, I liked it so much that I stayed up to watch it again when it was rerun. Bobby's sense of humor (along with Vin's infectious laugh) was a joy to see and it was peppered nicely throughout between the seriousness and Eames' anguish. The acting on both parts left me satisfied but wanting more. It was like welcoming back an old friend, the old Bobby of the past and the formula that makes the show unique with all his eccentricities, it harkened me back to why I watched the show in the first place and I was not disappointed. The bar scene Briena mentions was a standout for me, it showed Bobby (spoiler alert) questioning the bartender about Eames both of a concerned big brother vs. an intrigued man, the nuances, expressions and acting was spot-on. And, when Bobby asked Alex if she had slept with that man I saw a mix of a twinge of jealousy and envy that Alex could allow herself to move forward after Joe died. Maybe he viewed it as a source of reference for himself that despite what turmoil he experienced it is possible to move on. Bobby's concern for Eames throughout went beyond just partners to a more human element. In the end looking at her broken face and without words he obliges her needing to feel closure, it was a powerful scene. Superb acting by both, its impact hitting home, I was impressed. USA Network is showing LOCI all day in what I think is a tribute to Vin's 50th birthday, just so you all know.

Bryde said...

Finally an epi as good as they were in the early season's!Awesome!I so wanted to see the guy in drag though-for extra spook factor ala Silence of the Lambs.

Bunny said...

I loved it. His acting, her acting was spot on. He's returning "Bobby" to us. Realizing maybe that it's his acting, not just his "looks" that draw us to him. About friggen time! Brienna, we met him about the same time, but he was leaving his trailer for home when I met him. And you are right, HE LOOKS HOT. And he's so sweet. Who knew????

Bunny said...

on another note. Why do they have to make Eames out to be such a not so great detective??? 10 years ago, she couldn't tell the similarities between this ADA's handwriting and the letter? You're trying to tell me she was incapable of something so "elementary", that it takes Bobby to show her this after ten years and it's something that's taught first year at any good police academy. Hell, at ANY police academy. *sigh* Tell me there will be more female writers to give balance like Sengupta and the Gals did on NBC?

pauline said...

Well my first comment here.
I watch the show since the begening and i dont know if i liked that ep or not actually. It's not the same Bobby as he was in the first seasons... He's better than last season of course but still different (not sure if im very clear). as for Alex, wth ? at eh end when he was mocking her and Joe she should have punched him in the face instead of looking at him like she did ! and i didnt picked Bobby as trying to protect her except when he said 'im concerned'.;i loved that line, it's the only one on the show who really show he cares about her (except when Jo kidnaps her of course). I think Kate could have done a better job by being angrier at Kevin. Anyway sorry english isnt my mother tongue :p

Susan1212 said...

Thanks for the caps & vid, Reel.

Excellent episode - great writing and great interpretations by VDO and KE. What a joy to watch them work!

Anonymous said...

If you'll recall when Eames is in the office with Ross and he tells her he wants her off the case Eames replies that she would never let personal feelings get in the way of her work. When Bobby confronts her about the letter she explains that it was the first case she worked after Joe died as if offering an excuse. Her face shows a reflection of the vulnerability she felt at the time and the realization that she did allow her personal feelings to get in the way of a case, that she has contradicted herself which caused her to make a mistake. Kate's acting as Alex being caught and forced to face herself is stunning, I could feel her discomfort. As lead detective she is made to be humbled by her subordinate, Bobby, who also happens to be a man, and that as a woman becoming emotionally involved with a key person in the case leaves her somewhat humiliated before him, as a partner and a woman. I think Bobby does help Alex throughout by forcing her to face her demons and exhonerating her by digging deep to find resolution to an unsolved case but mainly for an unresolved Eames. It would not have been in her nature to punch out Kevin, even though she is tough as nails, for in that moment out of a feeling of helplessness she lets her guard down as a woman and partner long enough for Bobby to step in in white knight fashion to rescue her. It made me think of the time Bobby went undercover without Eames' knowledge and her going off on a tirade about how she covered his ass and lied for him so many times. This was Bobby's opportunity to set things right and return the favor. I think it will result in them having a stronger mutual respect for each other in the future. I know, I know, I am longwinded but I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and got so much out of it.

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"In Dubious Battle" [2016]
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Vincent D'Onofrio, Jacob Loeb

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'Purgatory' [TBA]
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Vincent D'Onofrio ....George Lawson (GRACE's father)
Tim Roth.......Detective Tabb

Filming in St Louis - TBA

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Executive Produced by Dennis Johnson, Melanie Mohlman Produced by Eric Wilkinson, David Michaels
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