Saturday, September 26, 2009

CI Marathon today!

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Psycho Saturday Marathon -
9am-11pm on USA network.


Anonymous said...

Are USA trying to be funny???!

Bunny said...

OVERDOSE! *twitch*

Bunny said...

watching "Tomorrow", an episode I'd never seen! *gasp*
wow. he was THIN. and check out the "guns".

janethyland said...

A LOCI marathon?

In terms of money and investment re-runs are a reliable income for USA and NBC.New episodes are unreliable. Ratings for LOCI had dropped in season 8. Goldblum did not bring in a huge fanbase and the writing was flat,and presumably Goldblums episodes will dwindle even more now that fans realise they were conned into watching them in the first place.

Hence the carrot dangled in front of the audience,now forcing them to watch Nichols in case Goren quest appears. Dont be an ass, audience! They are making money off your back and its a bit insulting, not honest.

It is the right decision to end the Goren story and let VDO free to do more interesting film work. But its a bad decision to put hopes on Goldblum. They would make more money on re-runs and marathons at a fraction of the cost. People would definitely tune in to watch them.

So if there is an argument about money, end LOCI on a two hour Goren special that can be marketed as a mini film on DVD with extras about the show. Then end the show and run repeats. Thats a safer bet.

MabelT said...

Just delurking to express my total rejection to USA/NBC. Those guys are very greedy and stupid. No Goren & Eames = No LOCI = I'll stop watching (Only my 1-8 seasons TV recordings)

Although I'm a G/E fan, I'm mostly a VDO fan, so... I'll keep lurking here... LOL! (BTW thanks to Reel for all the info about my favorite actor)

Mabel from South America

Lizzie said...

I guess USA never saw a show called 'Raines'....then again it wasn't around for long. One season was it? Or less? And wasn't it a detective show starring some guy called Jeff Goldblum?? Oh yeah, and wasn't the delay in the start of LOCI season 8 (allegedly) something to do with the episodes of some guy called Jeff Goldblum not being good enough? Thinking about it now, in light of everything that's happened in the last few days, it seems even clearer to me that USA did everything they possibly could to sabotage the G/E episodes; showing them with no regard to continuity/no publicity/trying to keep Vincent and Kate OUT of the publicity photos as much as possible, yada yada...

USA must be run by the dumbest people on the planet, as they'll soon find out when they reap what they've sown on the day Vincent hangs up his badge!

A still VERY upset

Lizzie :(

janethyland said...

Yes Lizzie. Go back and review it from the moment Goldblum joined.It was a definite strategy and anyone commenting to the contrary was sidelined or dismissed.

Its not a pretty sight and its not a pretty business.

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