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It's official: Vincent D’Onofrio to exit 'Law & Order: CI'

EW, 9.25.09
by Michael Ausiello

USA Network is finally confirming what I first hinted at last week: Vincent D’Onofrio is exiting Law & Order: CI. He’ll say good-bye in the show’s two-part season 9 premiere, at which time he’ll pass the baton to co-star Jeff Goldblum.

“I have always been, and have always viewed myself, as a character actor, and the great opportunity that Dick [Wolf] presented to me to develop the Goren character on Criminal Intent was successful beyond my wildest expectations,” D’Onofrio said in a statement. “After eight seasons, and with the addition of Jeff Goldblum, now is the perfect time for me to explore other acting opportunities and I leave the show knowing it is in great hands with Jeff. For all my loyal CI fans, I wouldn’t be surprised if Goren pops up from time to time.”

D’Onofrio’s longtime partner, Kathryn Erbe, is expected to return for the two-parter as well, although her deal is still being finalized. As previously reported, My Own Worst Enemy’s Saffron Burrows is expected to replace her.
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The Hollywood Reporter, 9.25.09
USA confirms 'L&O: CI' departure
By Nellie Andreeva

Vincent D'Onofrio leaving at the start of upcoming season

USA Network on Friday confirmed that "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" star Vincent D'Onofrio will leave the series at the beginning of the show's upcoming ninth season.

D'Onofrio has been on "CI" since the show's beginning as a series on NBC, portraying Detective Robert Goren.

"(D'Onofrio) has decided to transition out of the idiosyncratic role he created to explore new acting challenges in film and television," the network said Friday.

According to "Law & Order" creator/executive producer Dick Wolf, D'Onofrio will appear in a two-part opener of season nine that will serve as his hand-off to Jeff Goldblum.

"Vincent is one of the main reasons 'Criminal Intent' has been so successful for eight seasons. He turned Robert Goren into one of the great detectives in the history of television," Wolf said.

D'Onofrio addressed the timing of his departure.

"After eight seasons, and with the addition of Jeff Goldblum, now is the perfect time for me to explore other acting opportunities and I leave the show knowing it is in great hands with Jeff," he said.

But he left the door open to returning on the show for guest starring stints.

"For all my loyal 'CI' fans, I wouldn't be surprised if Goren pops up from time to time."

D'Onofrio's departure is part of a major casting overhaul on "CI" next season.

He is one of four regulars on the show, along with Kathryn Erbe, Eric Bogosian and Julianne Nicholson, leaving. New mom Nicholson is being replaced by Saffron Burrows.

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NY Daily News, 9.28.09

..."Vincent is one of the main reasons 'Criminal Intent' has been so successful," producer Dick Wolf said. "He turned Robert Goren into one of the greatest detectives in the history of television."


Bunny said...

As long as no one gets shot and killed! I hope Goren falls in love with some big hip woman and goes off to be happy. NOT IN THE INSANE ASYLUM, like his mentor.

Tess said...

Pure Class, that's Vincent D'Onofrio...

Bunny said...

One more thing before I seek solace is a pint of haagen daz.....

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that Vincent has more class than his employers - but then, that's no surprise.

Good luck and every success in everything you do sweetheart, we'll miss you SO much.... :0(

At least we know now how many DVD's we need to record season 9: 1!!!!

janethyland said...

The character of Goren is more important than the show itself. Anyone can churn out a crime procedural..there are hundreds of them on television.

A two hour special should give the right depth to Gorens departure. Lets hope they find a good enough writer for it, someone who understands Goren's significance.

VDO is gracious and self-effacing to the end isnt he.He always pushes others into the spotlight and steps back into the shadows.Thats how he behaved with any guest actor, and thats how he hands over to Goldblum.However Nichols doesnt have the same charismatic stature as Goren.

VDO has given Wolf his one stab at success without Goren to see if his production line can take it on.
I feel privileged to have "known" Goren for the seven years of his making.Exit stage left!

MarieDeFrance said...

I hope the production will go out kathryn and Vincent in a blaze of glory, they deserve it, they are there from the beginning and are the backbone of the show.

TJara said...

I'm only just digesting it. It's not sitting well in my stomach.

I wish Vincent well on his new endeavours, but I hate to see him leave like this. I hope at least Bobby will get a very worthy sendoff.

janethyland said...

This is less about money than about business.It was never about fans but asbout the inner machinations of business interests.

Fact is that crime procedurals as we know it are all in decline on American TV.From a business sense the mood is changing.Thats why they want to take LOCI into the realm of light entertainment. USA is really the scripted drama section of NBC.They are connected as companies and make their money off light and easy dramas that entertain rather than prevoke thought or art.

LOCI was the exception and Bonnie Hammer gave it full support when Warren Leight showran it.It was never a typical procedural but now it can be!

The process of desensitising the fanbase to Goren began when Goldblum started.Some sites in particular seemed to be used in that intention as they bolstered up Goldblum and demolished VDO.One site ended up a sort of Law and Order Mothership surrogate site instead of LOCI site.Perhaps that was the official Wolf policy.

If they want to save money they should look at stream lining SVU since it did so badly in its premiere.

Better still, and out of courtesy to the innocense of genuine LOCI fans, they should just give us the two hour Goren special and forget the rest. That would save alot of money, and thats what it will be for most of us anyway.

DonnaJo said...

I'm upset to hear that the last Goren episode will be the premier episode. I was counting on us having several episodes to handle the story arc of his departure.

Whatever. I just pray that the writers handle it with style.

texasfan said...

What a major disappointment for me. I know my feelings don’t count in the whole scheme of things but I just loved LOCI; primarily for Vincent. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t watch a DVD or something I’ve taped of him. I wish him all the best in whatever is next for him.

I watched one episode of CI with Goldblum and it was the last. He tried to act like Vincent and it didn’t work for me. I do wish all the best to Kate.

fuzzytweetie said...

I hope the writers having more style than last season's writers. Please give Goren a good, HEALTHY departure. Please make sure that he returns in GOOD episodes and not just to bolster ratings of a dying show because you were too cheap to pay GOOD actors.

rich said...

vinny by far is one of the most versitile actors of our time i have known him for over 10 years he will be missed on the small screen in first run LOCI but his bobby goren will live on forever vincent became a father 2 times on the show we were ther to witness his joy,we were there when he collasped on the street in brooklyn when the hours of filming got to him, the crew like myslf will miss his daily humor,watching him act alongside Katie who will also be sorely missed as a crew member we were there when her appendix burst at the time not knowing and continued working, she had children ,she went through a divorce she is a sweetheart in person they are 'pure class 'Jeff Goldblum is a great actor he will take the reins of the show and continue to Keep the show at the levels of excellance that WE ARE USED TO along with Saffron Burrows and the actor that takes Erics place...........there are millions of fans myself included want to thank Dick Wolf for giving Vincent And Katie ..Law and Order Criminal Intent and we can not forget Rene Balcer for creating the show ....

Bunny said...

amen, fuzzy.

grandview said...

I was always a reader; however, VDO changed that for me. I began to watch CI when I came home from the office at night. Even my sports nuts husband began watching it with me. We have enjoyed VDO and Katheryn so very much, however, we turn the channel when Goldblum is on. While USA wants only "light" stuff, there are viewers who do not welcome the drastic change. It's back to reading for this household. The very best to these two fine actors.

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