Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LOCI Season 9 Episode "Puntland"

LOCI Season 9, Episode 1 is titled "Puntland".

This episode is a 2-part episode, and includes Detectives Goren, Eames, Nichols, and Capt Ross.

Shoots October 16 - November 6 in NYC.

Thanks Sam!

Note: This episode has been renamed "Mad Mullah"


Anonymous said...

This double episode had better be the best-written EVER, to honour the man (and woman!) who brought the show to life for us!

Brie said...

Omg..this is so sad..I'm gonna have to find out where they are taping and go at lunch!! I was lucky enough to see Vince while he was filming "Lady's Man"... But I definitley have to see him filming his last episodes. It is so unfair what USA has done...

val said...

If you see him, Brie, tell him we are all rooting for him and want him to stay.

janethyland said...

This is odd.
How can they have this ready so quickly if the contract deals havent been finalised or signed? If this is going ahead then it suggests they have finished negotiations.

But its still very quick,indicating that perhaps it wasnt such a surprise after all then. Is it already written perhaps since it has the title in place?

There is a sense of them rushing to production which is the opposite of what happened at the end of season 7.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to post this link


I very quickly threw up a blog JUST for information on the "Save Goren & Eames" campaign that is going on.

I have been running back and forth between all these great blogs and the LOCI - USA board trying to make sure everyone gets the information and that its not lost in comments where newbies can't find it.

If you have something to share or something you want me to post please email me naramoonbeam@yahoo.com.

I'm just using the blog as an information page - trying to keep everyone informed!

The LOCI-USA board has decided to send marshmallow fluff to USA and is looking to get the media involved. I'll post details on the blog as I get them!!


BASRIC said...

Sadder than sad. What about the rumor that when Ross leaves Nichols takes his place and we have two more new detective?

Bunny said...

I'll be in town all week then, Brie. Let's have a search party!

auroragyps said...

Oh, me too. I've been trying to get down to NYC to see them filming for a couple of years now, but I always miss the days.

Susan1212 said...

I agree with a friend of mine who mentioned to me that this is a classic move by the network to get us to give up on the campaign to save Goren and Eames. Just because a taping is scheduled doesn't mean it's written in stone. No contracts have actually been signed yet. We have to stick together and keep sending those emails and postcards!

janethyland said...

Im wondering if Wolf is thinking of finishing up the Law and Orders anyway next year, especially as NBC is moving more and more away from scripted drama, while USA focuses on light entertaining drama. He is full of surprises, and long term scripted dramas are expensive.

Brie said...

I'm never lucky enough to have LOCI film on my block...Gossip Girl is always filming on my street and I'm stuck with all the teens!!! Bunny, we will have to do our due dilligence to find out when/where the film times are...HA!

linda said...

You guys are lucky you live in NYC and you get a chance to see them film. I too, hate to see Vincent, Kathryn and Eric leave. The show is them. Jeff Goldblum is good, but he will not be able to "take over". They probably should just cancel the show.

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