Thursday, September 24, 2009

What does "in some capacity" mean?

Entertainment Weekly, 9.23.09
by Michael Ausiello

Question: I’m concerned about your cryptic remark in the Law & Order: CI shakeup story that Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe may return “in some capacity.” What does that mean exactly? —River

Ausiello: It means if they do come back it won’t be for very long.


Sharon said...

So - we're going to be treated to a season of Jeff Goldblum and someone - with Vincent and Katie just carrying his water.

I won't be watching.

janethyland said...

I hope this is true so they can put Goren to rest with some dignity and free VDO to do major films.

Then they can move Goldblum into the comic mode, which is more suiting to his manner as an actor and also more suiting to the mood of the moment, a light,stylistic entertainment like The Avengers.

Comedy and musicals are in the ascendent.Look at Glee..and even Daniel Day Lewis has just finished a musical called Nine.Who would have thought that.

Unless they try and make Goren carry on into a song and dance man!

Tess said...

Give me a break! Michael Ausiello has Never had anything good to say about LOCI or Vincent. I'd take the word of a 3 eyed purple toad before I'd believe Anything out of his mouth.

Brie said...

How could he know this? I find this guy annoying. What, like they will film four episodes and they will show them thru-out the season...I find it shocking Vince would give the show up!! Especially since he's commented several times how the money is good and it allows him to stay home most of the year with his family..ugh, anyone else aggrevated at this comment?

fuzzytweetie said...

NO, NO, NOOOOOO.........

Susan1212 said...

I am trying not to panic. Hopefully we will hear good news soon from USA.

DonnaJo said...

God, his answer is more vague than his initial unclear comment. What does "it won't be for long" mean?

I don't believe that he knows anything when it comes to VDO & Erbe's commitment to the show.

Bunny said...

Uh huh. Bridge in Brooklyn for sale!

Anonymous said...

I think if they leave - that will be the end of the show - which is sad. However, I think last season was...not so good and I think that Vincent is ready to move on to other projects. He has said there is "no art in television". I wish him the very best and look forward to all the new and exciting projects they will both get a chance to now pursue.

That said...I will greatly miss Bobby and Alex and hope they leave on a positive note. (Not in some horrific death scene...urg.)

Lizzie said...

Apart from the fact this LOCI-hating man is saying it, where exactly is the evidence - y'know, the stuff beloved of our favorite detectives? - that Vincent and Kate 'wont be back for long' and isn't this the same guy that wrote about Bobby 'getting engaged' when what Rene Balcer had actually said was they were making him 'more engaging'

He knows NOTHING as far as I'm concerned.

pauline said...

Well, might be the last year then
how sad :( bad way to finish the day for me lol

MarieDeFrance said...

Provided that the info is wrong so that we can appreciate Vincent and kathryn a long time.

to be continued...

Anonymous said...

..and this man gets his information from....????? Then again, some SWORE Vincent had left at the end of Season 4!!!

val said...

And he knows this how?

SnarkAngel said...

I still refuse to believe it until I hear it from an OFFICIAL and RELIABLE source...

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