Monday, October 12, 2009

Farewell to Monk from USA cast members

Vincent and Jeff Goldblum say farewell to Monk. Joining them are cast members from Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, Psych & Royal Pains.


fuzzytweetie said...

Will they say goodbye to Vincent/Bobby?

krismiss said...

I love, love, love Tony Shaloub! I loved him when he was Antonio Scarpacci - I watched that show just because of him. I was so glad when he ended up with a hit show of his own. He has been very entertaining for a long time, it will be a bummer to see him go. He is well-deserving of all the goodbye wishes.

I truly meant all of that with all sincerity, but I must add this: Any chance Detectives Goren or Eames will such a send-off from USA? Considering they couldn't even put their episodes in the correct order last season, I'm guessing not.

SnarkAngel said...

I have they'll have this kind of a congratulatory farewell for Vincent, Kate, and Eric. And I have to wonder if USA will have this kind of a farewell to LOCI in general when the ratings tank the show because of their absence.

Anonymous said...

A farewell to Monk, huh? And we get just 2 episodes to say 'farewell' to Vincent?? How spectacularly insulting!!!

thereel said...

We inadvertently rejected your comment, and cannot undo it. Our apologies to you.

thereel said...

The comment by DonnaJo-
Wonderful.... yet bittersweet, knowing that VDO is leaving. I love the chemistry between VDO & Goldblum. Can't wait to see them together in the two hour season opener.

I wonder if Vincent knew that he was also saying farewell soon when they taped this tribute. Will USA offer a tribute to Goren & Eames?

guiding light81 said...

As always you took the words right out of my mouth!
I wonder if there will be ANY mentioning AT ALL when those 2 are leaving.
Yeah,8 Seasons for MONK ( I love him!)and so for LO:CI with Vincent and Kate...!(Haven't they realized their fault yet!)

val said...

I wonder if this has ever been done for another long-running show? If not, it seems a bit odd they should do it now. I bet they don't do anything for G/E.

Susan1212 said...

For those of you who are interested, Saving Goren and Eames has a new website with a multiple e-mail option (to 4 of the top execs at NBCUNI) and our blogspot posts a daily hit list of people to whom we send emails, digital postcards, and snail mail postcards. We sent out over 150 postcard by snail mail today. We hope you will join us, if you are so inclined. Thank you.

janethyland said...

Traditionally, the Wolf characters dont make a big thing about leaving because the show is more important than the characters. They usually just slip away and its normal for departing actors to just say "no comment". Thats the way the franchise works rather than the way USA works. Maybe they will make an exception for Goren but who knows. They will decide, not us.

Id rather Nichols was in the 2hr special as little as possible because I cant stand the character and because Goren deserves that time to himself. Nichols has the rest of the season to himself.

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