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The Fluff Campaign

Onlocationvacations, 10.5.09

Law and Order: Criminal Intent Fans Want You To Bring Fluff To Their NYC Set

Law and Order: Criminal Intent begins filming on October 16th and fans want anyone who plans on going to the set to bring Fluff- yes the marshmallow stuff.

The members of are shipping 10 cases of Marshmallow Fluff to USA Network in NYC, timed to arrive the day LO:CI starts shooting the final episode with Dets. Goren & Eames. The message: “Stuff the Fluff. No Goren & Eames = No LO:CI”.

The Fluff campaign was inspired by speculation in the press that the mass firings of LO:CI stars (except Jeff Goldblum) might have had something to do with the darkness of the Detective Goren character contrasted with the “lighter, fluffier” style of other original series at USA. The USA LO:CI Forum fans are asking anyone going to the October 16-November 6 shootings to bring a jar of Marshmallow Fluff in solidarity.

We should have some location information during that period if you are interested in participating, check back to daily for more info!

sent in by Charley, thanks!


linda said...

I don't agree with this "fluff" campaign.

I think we should just be grateful for the shows we had with Vincent, Kathryn and Eric.

Brie said...

I'm all about saving Goren and Eames and plan on going down to the tapings myself..but quite frankly, the fluff stuff is embarrassing. I would never do it and think it's way over the top. I think the network execs get our point without having to incorporate white fluff. I'm in advertising sales and my boss is a president at a major company, not NBC Uni and I know she wouldn't even look at honestly, its a waste of time / resources. Sorry to those who disagree. Regardless of what we will be what it will be. I'm being realistic. I think the network will realize on their own after LOCI fails miserably that they made a huge mistake.

val said...

Oh to be in New York.

I'd certainly send the Fluff message. We can't afford to be precious about this.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing sending Fluff to the USA network offices to let them know we're not happy, but somehow I sincerely doubt the actors will appreciate it putting in an appearance when they're working. Speaking personally, I'd carve off vital body parts before doing something I thought might embarrass or annoy Vincent, especially when he'll probably be filming with someone called 'Goldblum' this time. Just my opinion of course.

As has already been said many times over the last week or so, USA will realise their mistake when the show tanks; shortly after Vincent and Kate depart!

jazzy said...

I dare say that Vince and Kathryn would prefer the money spent on the fluff campaign sent to one of their charity projects.

Outerbankschick said...

Oh gimme a break! I'm sure that the fluff will be donated to a food bank, so there is your charity. As for embarrassing...pardon me? You'd be embarrassed that your fans LOVED you so much that they wanted the network to treat you like a person worth the money you've made them for EIGHT SEASONS?? Embarrassed because they are emailing, sending postcards, and showing up to SHOW you that they support you? The fluff is a cute idea, much like the way Jericho fans sent CBS 50,000 pounds of peanuts to get their show back. You don't get the network's attention with a wave and a smile, y' know. ;)

And really...please, let's not pretend to speak for the actors. I just love all of this "I'm sure Vince and Kathryn would prefer..." Unless you are a personal friend, you don't know what they would prefer at all.

Personally, I have ONE simple message for any naysaysers - no one is forcing you to participate. You don't have to donate your time, your money, or anything else. But those of us who ARE participating would appreciate a little verbal support, or, barring that, at least your non-verbal respect.

We want a full Season 9 of Goren and Eames and we are letting USA know it. If others want to sit by and just wait for the show to tank...that's fine with me. I do NOT. I want to SAVE the show BEFORE it TANKS. :)

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion is that the fluff campaign is perfectly silly and harmless. As my husband would say "you gotta break a few eggs to make an omlet". I have seen many TV shows being canceled and their fans are sending everything from lifesavers to sunflower seeds.

We have posted everyone that we ask everyone to please donate the their "fluff" of choice to local food banks or other charities.

I personally sent cotton balls and asked that they be sent to a local animal shelter for donation (I am one of the tree hugging, vegetarian, animal welfare people...LOL).

Nothing wrong with making your voice heard and everything can be donated to charity in the end.

And as is always the case - if you don't want to participate - that is perfectly fine. To each their own, no harm no foul.


Brie said...

Well said people..I think we are all in agreement that its kind of please, no one bring fluff to the set!!! You will make people uncomfortable!

Susan1212 said...

I think the Fluff campaign is a great idea! We just want Vincent and Kathryn to know we care about the way USA Network and NBCU have treated them. We want them to have the opportunity to give their characters a full final season. We don't want Fluff! We want Goren and Eames!

We are grateful for all the work they have done on the show.

The Fluff can be donated to a local food bank.

I don't think any of us know what Vincent or Kathryn would prefer. We don't know them.

janethyland said...

Actually we have no idea at all that anyone has been treated badly.Its all conjecture and hearsay.

Im more interested in how they are producing this last episode,who is in it,who is writing it,and how little Nichols is in it. I hope its just a cameo appearance.

nuri36 said...

I agree with linda and Brie. The fluff stuff makes me embarrassed to be a fan. I'm still going to watch the show...if it goes off the air I'll simply find something else to watch. It's just TV, no point in crying about it. I'm sure Vincent and Kathryn will have other amazing projects for us to enjoy. And there is always reruns.

Tess said...

If you really want NBC/USA to change their minds...Then show up with HUGE amounts of cash. That's what it's about.

Brie said...

I'm not embarrassed about being a fan..however its preposterous to think that the fluff is gonna change anyones mind. As Tess said, its about the cheddar.If you guys really knew what goes on in the tv industry you would simply know its all dollars and cents and not about the fans..sorry to disappoint. Good luck on your campaign anyway!

Lizzie said...

It was wonderful originally to see all the LOCI fans pulling in the same direction to 'Save our Show'. Now, the wheels are coming off, as those who are convinced it's their way or no way verbally roast any dissenters on the bonfire as heretics, telling others not to 'speak' for Vincent, while doing exactly that themselves, but naturally endowing him with their point of view.

Everyone is perfectly entitled to their own opinions. I love LOCI, with Vincent and Kate gone, the show is dead for me, BUT, as Vincent himself said 'TV is ALL about M O N E Y' so it seems to me that unless we can pay their salaries, USA have already made up their minds, and no amount of 'fluff' is going to dissuade them.

It will be interesting to see/hear Vincent's reaction if someone decides to hand Jeff Goldblum a can of fluff during filming. I'm not convinced he'd be in the least bit pleased about it, no matter how the gesture is intended; but I wouldn't presume to 'speak' for him.


Nita said...

I don't really know if the whole "Fluff" thing is going to change anyone's mind, but I do know that it is a VERY creative (and humorous) way to vent your frustrations about the whole cursed thing. Plus, due to the execs' thought process...I would have sent cases of Nutella! :D

Desvarre said...

Do you think this is a good thing? What if Vincent and Kathryn WANT to leave the show? I'm sure it would make them happy to know fans care so much, but it might also make them a little uneasy.... I don't know that I agree with this campaign either.

linda said...

By saying I don't agree with the "fluff" campaign does not mean that I don't understand the anger and hurt people feel for losing Vincent, Kathryn and Eric. But I remember when Aisha Tyler left Ghost Whisperer and was replaced by Camryn Manheim, told myself I'm gonna hate this show now! Had to tune in though, cause it was and still is one of my favs and turns out I still like it and appreciate what Camryn brings to the show. Same when Gary Burghoff left MASH.

When an actor or actress leaves "your" favorite show it is hard to make yourself sit down and watch it and with LOCI we are losing three great actors. Once again it will be hard for me to tune in and not see my "favs", but I look forward to seeing them in other roles and wish the best for them in the future.

Bunny said...

I can't afford Fluff, there's a recession.

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'Down & Dirty Pictures' - [in Production - Filming TBA]
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