Tuesday, October 27, 2009

George Gerkie Live!

sent in by Briena by blackberry -- Thank you!!!

So the show was fantastic...I was 1 foot from the stage. Front and center..

Vincent's wife, daughter, nephew, Kate Erbe and a few other actors were there..

There was a statement at the end I found very interesting..his last words of the night...He broke character from Geogre Gerkie and said: "a tv producer once said, 'Vincent, you wear your heart on your sleeve, and I said to him, go f**k yourself.'" And he left the stage...now was that a message to his fans??? That he was let go?!?! I hope other people weigh in, please!!!!

Photo posted by Renilane on Flickr

Thanks Bunny!

8pm: We received a note from Renee tonight. She made it back home to Portland safely and says she had a wonderful time, met Kathryn and Vincent, and she'll tell us about it and share her photos with us in a day or two. She's exhausted!!


Labs_n_SD said...

Thanks for the great pictures! He looked great.

Based on what he said on the Radio this morning. I don't think that comment was directed at the fans at all. In fact he is saying it's okay to wear your heart on your sleeve. I would say it was directed at at certain network.

mauigirl said...

WOW!!! I can't think of anything else to say at the moment,except WOW!! I'm so happy for the fans that got to see him perform, and I'm even more happy for VDO. If he were shooting CI, he probably wouldn't have time to do this! Thanks Briena.

Outerbankschick said...

Interesting parting comment. It really has become quite clear that he was let go, along with Erbe and Bogosian. Considering the way TPTB have treated this whole thing, I am going to join him in telling them to shove it. He put it in much more colorful terms! ;)

The radio interview was also interesting. He seemed to be in agreement that less fluff on TV would be a good thing, and not only that, he thought the fluff campaign was great. He's so sweet. :)

I am going to keep telling USA/NBCU execs what I think of them. So far, they have done nothing but hack me off. NBC has been doing it for years, now USA has joined them.

Bunny said...

I was late, but I enjoyed it. Brie, I was holding up the bar with my gays, I would have loved to have met you. The last part struck me as well. He came out after and shook hands, did you press the flesh, darlin'? I did. Hell, I lingered.

The show: OMGWTFLOL! He sang IT'S RAINING MEN! It was hysterical! (He told a story of his Aunt Katie and how much he loves little piggies) I wanted to be one of his little piggies, he can draw a bullseye on me anytime. He invited everyone to "Come play with my Kaleidescope of Love".....ALRIGHT!

I'm sorry I didn't get better pictures or a better tale, but a 12 hr work day, a few vodka tonics and IT WAS COLD AND RAINY, so I'm off to bed.

judith said...

Or maybe a message to the powers-that-be at NBC and USA? I'm sure he would'nt use that word to his fans.x

havers said...

Wow, thanks Briena for the little report of that great night. (1 foot from the stage: SIGH)

And it's very interesting who was there, too...;o)

Sally said...

Thank you, Briena, with all my heart. I think you unterstood his last comment quite well. Good to know that Kate is still on his side.

Lizzie said...

Maybe, MAYBE, if Kate's being 'killed off' in the show and she didn't want to be, Vincent isn't very happy about it either, and he told Dick Wolf so? Just a thought!

On a shallower note,is he wearing leather pants? ;)


guiding light81 said...

For those who've been there to listen to him,was the music any like that part he played on the radio,or different?

DonnaJo said...

Thanks Briena! Glad you had a great time!

Vincent's comment sounds like it's addressed to those who would criticise his choice to do this venue. It's obvious that he did it from the heart - not because it was smart for his career or for his pocketbook.

Alex said...

I was there last night, and it was great. His songs were hysterical. I also noticed KE was in total support, clapping, "woo-hoo"-ing, and laughing at his antics the whole time.

He first addressed the crowd as himself. He looked adorable in his black jeans and black button down shirt (and those cute black shoes of his). Then when he came out as GG, he was in a black suit with a white, cowboy style, shirt under it. The suit material was kinda shiny and loose fitting, and he had on cowboy boots. He danced around and a few times, he danced like it did in "unrequited" when he dances around Eames. Too cute.

And yes, I did shake his hand, too. But I did it earlier, I saw him outside the theater. He was with his wife, and KE was there, too. As I was talking to KE, a guy came along that was on Vanishing Act, who just happened to be walking by and saw them.

Brie said...

No, it was like a "shark skin" suit. Literally, when he spit (while singing) it landed on me..I was directly in front of him (he's one sweaty dude), I made a dinner reservation which secured us a table in the front, and the $100 beans spent on bad food was worth it...the music was actually much better than I expected. The radio performance wasn't as good as he was in person..Bunny, how do I email u privately, I want to ask a few questions about some people u probably saw there??? I didn't read your post about "what I was wearing" til so much later, otherwise I woulda tried to meet you. I didn't stay after he got off the stage the second time..as I said I'm way shy and would not have spoke to him anyway!! So, to those who were there last night, the comment at the end, did he mean to say George, and said Vincent by accident..or do you think he broke character on purpose to send a message...he did say television producer, and really, besides HLOTS, what other tv did he do..I think it was aimed at DW, IMHO.

Jane said...

To all those people that claim they are fans and start saying he is fat-hell I would tell them to eff off, but no I think its something he said in the past to a wize guy producer, although I do believe he does wear his heart upon his sleeve he wouldn't be the actor and man we love if he wasn't just a bit emotional.

It sounds like it was a blast of an event, *sigh* I love that shock silk suit on him, the hair reminds me of Whitney. Very sexy man both as himself and as George.

Sharon said...

I agree with Outerbanks. Based on what was written in the basric blog, I can see that comment being given when Vincent was offered the chance to stay and they would get rid of Katie.

It's nice to see that Katie was there - that tells me that they are backing each other up (just like Bobby & Alex).

Vincent was really sweet about the marshmallow campaign, and I'll bet Katie and he are touched that the fans care.

It will be interesting to see if either Vincent or Katie show up at that Dick Wolf night in November - when was that again? That will also tell us something.

Jane said...

@ brie, Vincent was in Miami Vice and two Equalizer episodes for TV, that comment could of been directed to any number of people in television he has been involved with-thanks for sharing the pics though:)

Anonymous said...

If Kate didn't want to leave, and they've used Vincent's departure as an excuse to clean house i.e. remove Kate and Eric, I can see Vincent being VERY upset about that, and I don't doubt for a moment he'd go to bat for her with Dick Wolf. And, since only MONEY matters in TV,I can almost hear Dick (how aptly named that man is!) telling Vincent he wears his heart on his sleeve, and Vincent's short'n'pithy response.

Thanks to those who shared their pictures. It sounds like everyone had a fun time.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the comment was most likely directed at the current situation and not something that happened on another show some 20 years ago.

The campaign hasn't stopped. We took a little breather to let people digest all the recent news and to mourn if needed.

Goren and Eames won't be coming back.

But, we aren't letting USA Network off the hook for this fiasco.

You can still visit the blog or website or follow us on twitter if you want to make your voice heard.

janethyland said...

Sounds like a great evening, and great to know Katherine Erbe was there in support,as they have been together in support of each other throughout LOCI.

Interesting that he came out of character to comment about a TV producer.He was out to make a point about a disagreement perhaps.Its ambiguous,but the person it concerns would get it.

Maybe vincent had something up his sleeve that this TV producer didnt expect,since this television producer assumed "vincent always wore his heart on his sleeve".

TJara said...

Thanks everyone for sharing their experiences, it sounds great and only being there live would've been better than your reports :-)

silvermau said...

We were there last night also. Must have been sitting right next to Brie. Did you ask for his water bottle?
It was a wonderful, elaborate, Halloween-like bash. Friends, family, and fans were in support of Vincent's character George Jeronimo Gerkie doing his stuff. What an interesting mix of characters. I watched a great actor act again, awesome.He stayed in character until the end as noted by Brie. I believe the message was real and a very intense message. If Vincent meant to portray anger and contempt at a producer, it came out loud and clear. A special thanks to Kate for being so kind and chating with us for a bit. She is a fine lady.
Oh yes, Vincent did grant a moment for a chat and pic.as busy as he was, for which I am very grateful. To watch Vincent live, in character, doing what he is so good at, for a full 45 min. is worth more any sighting I could have hoped for. What an experience.

HeathersInAZ said...

who were the other actors there??

janethyland said...

You know what is really nice about this cowboy country show? Here he is again helping out friends.This seems to be his constant motivation : most of his choices in his career seem to be about helping out friends, as he helped out Wolf to establish Goldblum in season 8.Its not about himself, its about responding to others.

Brie said...

Silvermau, I didn't ask for his water bottle, but I told my husband I wanted it..did someone else take it?? Did you over-hear me ask my husband if I should take it??? So embarrassing! I was at the center table that seated 4 people, right in front. I know that message at the end was for DW...you could tell he was pissed off. I think he was trying to tell his fans the truth, without actually saying it. The actor from desperate houswives that played gabby's husband, the politician he was there..and a guy from another episode of criminal intent, don't know his name.

val said...

It sounds amazing. HE sounds amazing. (Sighs.)

Magpyi said...

bunny- you mean little piggies like the song or was George talking about drawing a bullseye on a pig, or a girl, I guess? what else did George say between songs? did anyone say if the concert was taped or would be available in the future?

thanks so much for the reports and photos!

Brie said...

By the way, Vinces's wife was standing next to me and his nephew too, and they were being introduced to a bunch of people. Her name is pronounced CA (like the sound in Kaleidescope)- Rin (like Rin Tin Tin). CA-RIN, almost like Corinne, but with an A. Just thought I'd share that since we all thought it was like the normal name Karen with a different spelling (well I did at least).

auroragyps said...

I think Vincent's doing this is the coolest and it looks like everybody involved, performers & audience, had a good time.

I just keep wondering why he picked country over the blues, since I've read he likes to play the blues on the guitar. Country, especially this kind of "spoof-ish" country, is fine with me, but I do loves me some blues.

SnarkAngel said...

Thanks everyone for all your wonderful reports! Sounds like Vincent knows exactly how to communicate a strong point to his fans. Yes, Vincent may not have "technically" been fired, but the alternatives presented to him were just too unreasonable for him to accept. I think the term "fired" is just a matter of semantics.

guiding light81 said...

Actually I could have told you that name thing before...It's Dutch and it sounds pretty much like German,so it's pronounced just like you wrote it Brie!
And I am green with envy and happy for you at the same time!Wish I could have been there with you guys.It sounded like you had a lot of fun with eachother,not only with Vincent!

Jane said...

Yeah I knew it was pronounced Car -in as apposed to karen ( a new reporter pronounced it that way LOL). I love that first shot of him *sigh* that cute button nose.

Magpyi said...

My guess -George is a platform that vincent can use to make a cultural statement, that's the spoof. Listen to what is said on the podcast. People in power should take care of people and do right.I'm gonna feed the world muffins. I can't quote him right now, but I keep thinking about that ridiculous ron harris diatribe when vincent is so upset over politics.Maybe george is his way of saying wtf world?I think george has nada to do with anything LOCI. Oh well...

Brie said...

To Magpyi's comment, here's something I forgot to mention, he had a lot of political stuff in his show on Tuesday. One topic was gay people in the military, the other about a "black man being in charge" (not negative at all, its obvi he's a democrat), and then mentioning of how awful George Bush was...So yes, it was definitely a platform. Really clever! IMO.

silvermau said...

Brie, not to be alarmed at water bottles. I was sitting next to 2 ladies, who waited until Vincent , oops I mean Jeronimo made his final exit, and asked the stage hand for the bottle. I heard nothing so relax and enjoy the recall of a great evening.

Thank you Vincent, such a total treat, beyond words.
Here is another funny recall
"Who Does Your Hair!" say heckler in the audiance.
Replied by Mr. GJG " MY MOMMA!" most amusing. The man gets into the role and runs with it.

Susan1212 said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures and stories of the night. Glad you had such a wonderful time! And glad to hear Vincent making political statements! Especially ones I agree with!

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