Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have a question for Vincent?

Call in NOW to WXRP at 1-800-423-1019. He'll be on within the hour!!

The broadcast will be available on podcast later.


Anonymous said...

Shame they only let 2 questions through, but I'm THRILLED I was home to listen to Vincent 'live' from the 'wrong' side of the Atlantic :0)

Brie said...

OMG!!! Radio interview was crazy...Gerkie is ridiculous...can't wait for the show tonight. Vince also addressed questions about leaving CI, some days he's happy about leaving other days he's not. He also talked about the fluff campaign and he is aware of it..but said regardless of it, he's leaving the show. Still did not confirm (at least I didn't hear) if it was his decision or USA's. Hopefully the whole radio show from 9a-10a will be podcasted. I was on the train, so I missed bits and pieces. Anyone else able to listen???

Labs_n_SD said...

I listened to the whole thing, he was great!

He said that he accepted the decision. I think the situation caused his choice, which he made. And now he accepts and for the most part is happy with that choice.

I thought it was very cool he was aware of the campaign and supported the fans.

mauigirl said...

OMG, this was sooo funny! Anyone who's going to the show tonight is going to have a great time, please report back to us with all the details.

janethyland said...

What a laugh! What an actor. Now I understand why he has always been called " the chameleon".One character leaves and another arrives. They just tumble out of him, and he changes before your eyes. Thats acting at its best,losing himself to find another.

Its sad that some fans confuse the man with the actor.VDO isnt Goren,as balcer or leight werent Goren either. Goren, as a character, was greater than any of them.Goren went far beyond his input.That kind of role comes round once in a lifetime and is on its own.Its a gift. It comes to you.

However this is fun, satire, casual. Im sure you will have a good laugh tonight.And everyone needs a good laugh to ease the tension and the loss and hurt.We all react differently to losing Goren.

Enjoy your night.

TJara said...

Labs_n_SD pretty much said what I'm thinking. I also want to say that I'm just happy that finally there's some reliable info. Huge "Thank you" for that.

And to all those who go to see George Gerkie - please report back to us!!

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