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Law & Order Criminal Intent Kills One of Its Own

The Hollywood Reporter, Showbiz 411
By: Roger Friedman // Monday October 26, 2009

I told you a few weeks ago that “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” was letting go of three main players: Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian. Now I can tell you this: one of their characters will die.

“CI” just finished filming an episode in which one of the three is murdered. That’s the exit show for the other two as well.

I am told by “CI” insiders that Erbe, especially, is very unhappy with the way things have worked out over there. “She was told everything was going fine, and then they were fired.”

Whoever was murdered isn’t too happy, either. But I’m not giving that part away.

The show is next turned over to Jeff Goldblum, who will soldier on without the original cast. Full article

Thanks Drew!
-----------------------------------------------------, 10.26.09
by Terra King

Law and Order CI One character murdered
After all of the wondering, calling, searching the web, I am horrified to report that one of the characters on L/O C/I will be murdered and the other two will quit the NYPD. This will all happen in one episode. Full article


mauigirl said...

IF this info is true, I hope it's Capt Ross who's murdered. I love Eric Bogosian and think he's great as the captain, but don't think Bobby Goren will die, and if Alex Eames is murdered it would DESTROY Bobby Goren! If, however, BG dies, I will be the one who's destroyed. USA/NBCUNI - Gotta love 'em, do they ever know how to win fans!!! Idiots!

Sharon said...

It must be either Alex or Bobby - that's the only way the absence of all three can be explained.
That Goren and Eames couldn't stay without the other, and Ross is responsible in some way for the death. If it was Ross dying, it wouldn't matter - the show would go on.

Glad to see Katie has spoken up - would love to hear more from Vincent (especially if they killed Bobby off and Vincent thought he was getting guest appearances off and on).

The show will go down the tubes, and the higer ups will scratch their heads and ask "what happened" - mauigirl you are right, they are idiots!

Jane said...

I cannot imagine they were fired, Vincent would of said so and I cannot image the cast would take that lightly since they haven't done anything to get fired for. If Vincent had been fired he wouldn't of hinted at an open contract like Chris got when he left the show. The media really like to stir things up don't they, I am with maui's feeling that its the captain that will die, given that Vincent stated Goren will not under any circumstance be killed off and since it was listed on Basric's blog that they rejected the idea's of either of them being killed off. Of course it could always be the M.E that get's it, I will guess we will find out next year-but this episode is going to be a hanky-job for all concerned I think.

Judy said...

It just keeps gets curiouser and curiouser.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to figure out what would be a huge enough event to make Bobby WANT to leave Major Case. I couldn't imagine him moving on and leaving Eames there, so I figured maybe she'd get promoted, probably because I didn't like ANY of the other possibilities!! I can't imagine Ross expiring would be enough of a catalyst. He and Bobby are not exactly best buddies, but as Mauigirl said, something happening to Alex would UTTERLY destroy Bobby... :0(

USA have turned into world-class torturers, not to mention world-class idiots, as they'll realise shortly after Vincent, Kate and Eric make their exit.

Tess said...

Just because an idea may have been floated around that neither Vincent or Kate would be killed, doesn't mean the show runner and writers couldn't change their minds.

I don't see Bobby leaving Major Case because Ross was killed, but Eames...He's be out the door in a heartbeat.

Labs_n_SD said...

I'm guessing Ross is murdered and G/E get in trouble with the Chief of D's investigating the murder. Which causes G/E to leave Major Case.

The article doesn't sound like it's Kate that dies. And if we believe that Goren doesn't die ....

Dawn said...

we know it's not bobby. VDO has already said he wont die - obviously he cant or he couldnt come back for the planned guest appearances.

I think it's eames. Ross dying wouldnt destroy the other two enough to make them walk away...having said that they do word it so it sounds like they're talking about ross...

havers said...

That are really bad news and I think it could hit Alex.

They said Bobby will come back for guest visits and Danny will leave the show in the end of season nine.

But I don't know if I would survive the death of Alex Eames. And Bobby...never. She is his rock.

Please let that just be a bad...really bad joke.

Pauline said...

Of course it wont be Bobby since Vincent said he wille ventually come back. They werent fired..;at least Vincent wasnt, he said he left because he wanted pretty sure Alex will die, and thats why Kathryn seems really taking bets people
As for the capitain dying..who would really care

If i'm right and Alex dies, i'm gonna be really mad at the producers and writers, because it means they will be NO hope of seeing them again together one day

janethyland said...

How odd. No wonder Erbe hasnt wanted to comment on anything about their departure.

Wolf runs a leaky ship these days with all these insiders giving out information.

Its beginning to look like a pantomime.It makes me think that, in the fullness of time,Season 8 and 9 of LOCI will best be forgotten, much like the final season of Homicide.

Im also hoping that a stray bullet kills Nichols instead....

TJara said...

My initial thought was it must be Ross, but the more I think about it, it does sound like it might be Eames. It would make it easy to write out Goren, but still have him available for guest stints.

And I'm really surprised - all these "leaks" and very little info that can actually be checked. If anything, that's not a smart PR strategy. It think it's quite tiresome, actually.

Liz said...

All I have to say is that they better not kill Alex. If Dick Wolf, and other decision-makers went along with that utterly disgraceful idea, I'll be done with all the L&Os, USA and NBC. Eric Bogosian is indeed a fine actor and I have nothing against him at all, but the fact is he is not the heart of the show as Goren and Eames are. I can only hope this is a only a rumor, and is untrue.

janethyland said...

I agree there Tjara, the whole thing has got very leaky for some reason.One wonders why the leaks come now and not long before when decisions were being made and episodes written.Those who knew the episode knew what was happening long ago.Perhaps its not a pantomime but a Revenge Tragedy with a fall out everywhere.

It is tiresome all the same.If the actors werent involved in the read through/preparation/composition of these episodes, then who was?

val said...

These people have too much power and absolutely no sense to temper it. My ambition is to see the companies go broke.

tate31nym said...

If they killed Eames I don't see Goren coming back at all; he'd more likely resign and fall into oblivion UNLESS he comes back as the rogue revenge seeker.

I see it more likely that Ross will die, which will open a hole for someone to be promoted, likely Eames, which would leave Goren a lost sheep...unless he transfered to Eames' new squad. Which would create the possibility of him coming back to assist Nichols, and then Goren could vaguely refer to Eames much like she referred to him during their partnership.

It sounds like Kathryn Erbe is just upset about the whole situation, not necessarily about anybody dying. It sounds like they're all having communication issues.

flamipoo said...

I am a first time poster. I feel that this is a good time to begin. USA has a history of making this same decision. Back in 1997 or 1998, USA had another cop show called Forever Knight. They did the same thing that is now happening to LOCI. At that time, they brought a low rated show from another network, made major cast changes in the first year. When the ratings when down the tubes, they cancelled the show. In the last episode, the entire cast was killed off. Anyone remember Silk Stalkings? USA did the same thing to that show as well.

Usa tends to get shows in their lineup that will be lead-ins for their own developed shows only to cut the older shows/actors go when they are of no use.

It is a great thing that the fans are doing, showing their support to the actors, but nothing changes once the decisions are made.

janethyland said...

What is the point of this insider or reporter giving out the information about one dying but being coy about revealing who it is. Either you give information or you dont. Its like a game of cat and mouse.Is someone enjoying all this!

TJara said...

Someone is enjoying this torture, I fear.

I don't think Eames will get a promotion. Next step up for her would be Sergeant, and she'd have to take the exam for that. They did that with Munch on SVU, so maybe it will happen, but... *gulps*

tate31nym said...

Unless she's already a sergeant and they never advertised it.

TJara said...

Why would they address her as Detective if she's a Sergeant.

The Captain's rank is achieved through an exam, too, I think. Only ranks above (and the detective ranks) are based on merit. Check wiki for that, they got it in their NYPD article.

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