Friday, October 9, 2009

"Puntland" - Part 1 Casting Call

[HASSAN] 30s. Male. Somali-American. Born to a Somali tribal sheikh as one of 40 plus children, Hassan and his sister, Kadra, were raised and educated in the states but now are starting to embrace their heritage and homeland. Sharply dressed, and very handsome. A seemingly "normal" guy, but behind closed doors he is hiding a dark and violent mission ahead of him. It is hard for him to tell Jill, his American girlfriend, that he has no option but to cut ties with her, due to family obligations. Working with the owners of a company that illegally ships weapons, Hassan is thrust into a dangerous role that tests his honor and ruthlessness.

[VAN DEKKER] 40s. Male. Any Nationality. Initially thought to be the head of an international security organization, the detectives discover questionable photos which show that his past is entangled with a shipper of illegal weapons overseas. Upon investigation Van Dekker’s involvement with volatile countries and his motives are proved to be anything but above board.

[KADRA] Mid 20s. Female. Somali-American. Strikingly beautiful. Born to a Somali tribal sheikh as one of 40 plus children, she and her brother, Hassan, were raised and educated in the states but she has ambitions for her brother of returning to their homeland to a position of power.

[LOFTEN] 30s-40s. Male. Dapper businessman. Owner of Loftair, a company that owns old airplanes and flies weapons all over the world. After his business partner is found dead, detectives and the FBI question his shady dealings and further investigate his work.

[WENDY STARK] Mid 30s. Female. Attractive FBI Agent. She is called in to further investigate a federal case that is overlapping with a case the MCS has started investigating. When the detectives discover that she is taking over their case, she must professionally face their frustration and anger.

[RON HEGEL] 30s. African-American. Male. An FBI Agent working with Wendy Stark investigating a federal case that is very personal to the MCS. He gives the detectives the hard truth that they have to stop investigating this case while he and his partner take over.

[JILL PIKE] Mid 20s. Caucasian. Female. Very attractive American girl. Supportive girlfriend to Hassan, her Somali boyfriend, even though his family isn’t very tolerant of their multi-ethnic relationship.

[JOLIE] Late Teens-Early 20's. Female. The privileged daughter of a wealthy businessman. She is shocked by the news of her father's death when she comes home to an apartment teeming with detectives. She gives the detectives details of her father's work in shipping illegal weapons and divulges the names of his partners.

[MARYA] 20s. Female. Gorgeous American girlfriend of a Swiss millionaire 30 years her senior. The two engage in some thrill seeking activities and are mutually opportunistic. But their wiles eventually catch up to them.

[TARAS BROIDY] 50s-60s. Male. An exotic millionaire. Any Nationality. Wanted by police for trading illegal weapons. He and his young girlfriend engage in some thrill seeking activities and are mutually opportunistic. But their wiles eventually catch up to them.

[MULLAH] 50s-60s. Male. Somali. A Muslim learned in Islamic theology and sacred law. He offers to help Hassan learn the history of his great grandfather, who defeated the British. Speaks one of his lines in Arabic. ACCENT REQUIRED.

[DR. LAVENTHAL] late 30s-40s. Male. Cocky plastic surgeon who sees his work as "art". Finds out that one of his clients, Marya, was recently murdered, and he gives MCS information about her.

[LIONEL SUTTON] 50s. A snobby upper class building manager. After being presented with a search warrant, he begrudgingly lets the detectives into the penthouse apartment.

[MILGRAM] 60s. Wall Street executive of an investment banking firm. Is Roy Loften's silent business partner shipping weapons all over the world.

[AYUB] 30s-40s. Male. A Pakistani-American technician who is able to analyze and identify the micro components of weaponry. His allegiance may be to the criminals rather than the law. SLIGHT ACCENT.

[TRISTAN] 20s-30s. African-American. An intimidating presence. Appears in the shadows as a watchful eye throughout both episodes, sometimes as a security guard, an assistant or a limo chauffer.

[OMAR] 60s-70s. A Somali tribal sheikh, who is with his large family boarding a private trawler for a celebration. Once on board the boat is attacked by a large vessel thinking they are Pirates.
[TIMIRO] 60s. Somali wife of tribal sheikh, Omar. Clutches a gold-threaded sari as her and her husband huddle against the cabin of their trawler during a violent attack.

[CAPTAIN] 40s-50s. Male. American or European Captain of a chartered luxury yacht cruising the waters of the Horn of Africa. He navigates the yacht during a violent attack of Pirates on a nearby trawler.

[SOMALI CAPTAIN] 40s. Male. Captain of a small coastal trawler that has a tribal sheikh and his wife on board during an unexpected attack at sea. Shouts to his crew in Arabic.

[DETECTIVE WALSH] 30s. Male. Any Ethnicity. Detective who gives details at a crime scene to the MCS Detectives.

[MILLIE] 20s. Female. Van Dekker's assistant who informs him that the police are entering their security office.

[ENGLISH WOMAN] 30s-40s. Wealthy. On her cell phone, she is excitedly recounting her experience aboard a luxury yacht during a violent attack as it is happening. ENGLISH ACCENT.

[HELMSMAN] 30s-40s. Male. American or European. Assists the Captain of a luxury yacht during an attack of a nearby Pirate trawler.

[MILES] 20s. Male. Detective. Pops his head in to the conference room to inform the detectives that a suspect is on his way to the investigation room.

Thanks Sam!

** Episode renamed "Mad Mullah"

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janethyland said...

ah, the land of Punt then!

Thats a long list. Is that the first cast call Stefanl found on Major case site in August? I think it might be. If so, then they had this episode already written in August. It was well planned and not sprung on them!

I wonder if Leight and Balcer wrote this together. No,that would be a wish beyond fulfilment.

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