Thursday, October 29, 2009

Video: George Gerkie at Joe's Pub

Thanks to Nita!


Labs_n_SD said...

Now I can't get that song out of my head. I've been singing (in my head mind you) Raining Men all day!

SnarkAngel said...

Thanks for posting here!

ann said...

is he brilliant?
do we love him?

to quote chris noth aka mr big


Tricia said...

That is awesome! LOL

val said...

I love to see him having fun.

DonnaJo said...

Cute, but why that song? To those who attended - did VDO explain why he chose to sing "It's Raining Men?" When a man sings that it is usually an anthem or tribute to the gay community. Or am I way off base?

Trustmesweetheart said...

I love that "George" sand It's Raining Men. Surreal and funny and unexpected. I don't think he was trying to make a lifestyle statement. He was being "George." The radio broadcast was terrific.

krismiss said...

Thanks for sending that in - it was great!

Susan1212 said...

Thank you for sharing this great video! Makes me feel as if I was there! How wonderful to see him having such a great time! Love him!

Alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alex said...

Right before this song, he was talking about gays in the military. He had a few political comments like that - he was happy that Obama was President, and spoke of how a black man was President. He didn't like Bush at all. But he focused a bit on homosexuality, and gays in the military, and then he went into "it's raining men." But, he didn't know all the lyrics. It was the only song he had to read for.

Bunny said...

DonnaJo, it was right after his rant on gays in the military, to which he said "who gives a fuck?"
He loves that word.

guiding light81 said...

OMG,I so love it.
He is really a good singer...
Actually right now I'm even more disappointed that I couldn't be there.
And Nita I love you for sharing this with us!
@ Donna: As far as I understood he sang that song referring to the situation of gay men in the army.(He seems to be pro!)

janethyland said...

Giggle. Very indie.Hes a man of many parts.

Makes me think of Renee Zelwegger because its the background song in her Bridget Jones Film.Ill always remember her tribute to VDO in her award acceptance speech.

TJara said...

OMG, he's having fun all around! It's so nice to see that. Go George !! ;-)

Jennifer said...

I loved the song "It's Raining Men." It got my early day off to a great start. I'll be singing it in my head all day.

Thanks for posting it! :)

Julie said...

If anyone is interested, there is a podcast of the radio show that Vincent/George was on at (or on a search engine look up 101.9 radio). Don't know how long it is, had time to listen only to about 4 minutes-will listen to rest of it later.

Tricia972 said...

janethyland, what did Rene say about him in her oscar speech? I always wanted to see it and I can't seem to find it on youtube??

janethyland said...

Tricia, she thanked him for his guidance when she was starting out as an actor.
Alot of his co-stars make complimentary comments about him and his generosity towards them.

DonnaJo said...

@ Bunny and guidinglight - thanks for the explanation on the "why" of the song choice. Now it makes perfect sense. I couldn't imagine VDO spoofing gays. He's always been so open minded and accepting of all lifestyles. Love that about him!

The more I watch the clip, the more endearing I find George Gerkie. And VDO sings pretty good. As good as some old country singers do, IMO.

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