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VIDEO: Interview Vincent D'Onofrio quits the series!

Premiere.fr, 25-09-2009

New York Section criminelle : VIDEO : Interview Vincent D'Onofrio quitte la série !
At the announcement of his departure from the series New York Criminal Section, we met Vincent D'Onofrio (Robert "Bobby" Goren) who explained why the season 9 (not 8 as shown on the video, sorry!) with Jeff Goldblum is still a good season ..

The actor also explains the reasons we pushed at the time, to prefer television to cinema. Obviously, Vincent D'Onofrio seems very proud of his work during his years in Law and Order Criminal Intent.

In addition, The Hollywood Reporter tells us of another departure from the series: Kathryn Erbe (Alexandra Eames) and also Eric Bogosian (Danny Ross, since 2006).

In short, it's just the carnage this year in the Dick Wolf series. Hopefully Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burrows (Boston Legal.) Will maintain its quality ...

Thanks Catherine!


Tess said...
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Dani said...

This appears to be part of the interview Vincent did early in 2009. The episodes of Jeff's he says he has seen would have to have been season 8 episodes since no season 9 episodes have been filmed yet. And I missed the part where he said he was leaving in this interview. I suppose it's easy to presume if the idea was already put in one's head, but he didn't say anything about leaving. In any event, I am still waiting for something recent and continue to support the effort to at least give Goren and Eames a final season like they deserve.

Anonymous said...

This is so dated. Remember the drama over "the wedding ring" - well, its gone in this interview. He wore it for the charity event and its on for the "pub" theater - but gone here. He says JG is "going" to do well - its obvious JG's episodes hadn't even aired when this was taped.

Just saying its about S9 isn't going to work for people who really follow him...and I don't follow him like most of you and I can see how "off" the claims made about this video are.

This was at the start of S8 - not S9.

Outerbankschick said...

Dani, you said exactly what I was thinking. And I will add that since the campaign started, there have been many, many attempts to stop it in its tracks.

My question is why? It's not hurting anyone, so why all the "hardball" with all of these hit-and-run naysayers? Only answer I can come up with is that the networks are pretty antsy now and would love to shut us all up.



krismiss said...

I completely agree with Dani.

janethyland said...

Carnage is a good word for it.
All the original writers and cast gone. This is now a new Law and Order show with old Law and Order writers. Maybe it will replace Mothership!

Bunny said...

He's leaving the show to be a dad. Good for him. Think he'll adopt me?

judith said...

NEVER will jeff be better than VINCENT!! Also the interview was bitty and some could'nt be heard.x

havers said...

The interview was a good try to torpedo the saving goren and eames campaign.

But we all hear, Vincent didn't say something about leaving. It is the same room, cloth we saw in summer as he was for Staten Island in France.

So the same interview he said he doesn't know when they will continue the show but where he said, he will go on with it.

The clip is nice cutted but we aren't bold. We want real news about the leaving/firing of Kathryn and Vincent and Eric. And the network can try what they want...truth will isplay in the end.

Dani said...

Bunny? Did you listen to the interview? He ACCEPTED the series to be a dad because movie work kept him on the road ten months of the year. Working on the series kept him HOME for 9 months a year. He has repeatedly said he loves the job because the split schedule gave him more family time as well as extra time to do films he wants to do. I'm sure he will do the best he can with what comes up, but CI was a great job for him. Just because something in print puts words in a person's mouth doesn't mean those words originally came from that person. I prefer to believe what he actually says.

jazzy said...

To assume that France (and/or someone else) manipulated a video just to "torpedo" and "stop" a few fans is by far the most ridiciolous thing I've ever heard.

Outerbankschick said...

The fact remains, the video is not "new", it is months old. The interview has been pieced together with sound bytes and old information.

I will tell you what is ridiculous. That anyone would want to muddy the waters and tear down what some of us CI fans are doing. We are simply trying to influence the network to give Goren and Eames a proper sendoff. Monk is getting an entire 16 episode season. Goren and Eames should have their 8.

Very simple.

So why all the hulabaloo? If you don't wish to participate, by all means, don't. No one is forcing anyone to join in. And those that are coming out against the fans who *are* participating are making themselves look pretty nasty and rather childish.

I expect a great deal more from grown adults.

stella hairr said...

i have a question please, how is vincent going to come in and repair the damage of poor rating when all episodes are completed before the viewers see any of them??

jazzy said...

Keep on trying to influence whoever you wish.

I do respect Vincent's decision to move on. He worked so hard and gave everything to us. Everything! Of course I want to see him on screen, but more than that I want to see him happy! He's very special, a great actor and a wonderful adorable person. I wish him and Kathryn much luck for the future!

Anonymous said...

@stellar hairr

USA Network went back last season and reshot almost all of JG's episodes we were told. They didn't like "something" about them - so they reshot them. Obviously, money is only an issue when they want it to be.

From what USA Network has said thus far - S9 will be a "split" season. I am guessing that the first half will include a few shows of just JG to test the waters (after the two part season opener). They would still have time to do so more tapings for the second half. They usually aren't ALL complete before they start showing the season.

Just how it sounds to me...

Lizzie said...

As far as I can see, there's 'nastiness' now whether you're participating in the campaign or not. This whole thing has gotten completely out of control and what was a shining example of fans pulling together has disintegrated into a shambles of name-calling and pettiness - and now people are even questioning what Vincent himself is saying! The idea that USA has somehow 'doctored' something Vincent did is REALLY out there. Time out guys, the plot got lost somewhere.

Lizzie :0(

Anonymous said...



I see how it's all the same people commenting and how all your blogs work together, sorta butt up against each other and share the same borderlines.

We won't keep preaching to the choir and will stop posting on the blogs.

If anyone wants to find us - you know how.


p.s. I didn't see a place to comment on this so a great big congrats to Eric Bogosian for the Broadway gig...too cool...break a leg!

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