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Vincent D'Onofrio: "I turn to something else ..."

Telestar.fr, 10.20.09

A better translation of this article has been sent in by Petra. Thank you!

"TéléStar: Why are you leaving the series Criminal Intent?
Vincent D’Onofrio:
I have played in this series for seven and a half years and I think I have gone around my character.
Dick Wolf, the creator and I agreed that Jeff Goldblum would take over with the part of Detective Zach Nichols. At the same, we decided that my character Goren would not disappear completely from the series. I will leave the main role, but I will come back occasionally.

TS: Was it a difficult decision to make?
Yes, because I know there are a lot of viewers following the series in the USA, but also all over the world. It’s just that I have three children and I don’t want to play a part that takes up this much of my time. I came to realize that it’s time for me and my family to move on to other things.

TS:The arrival of Jeff Golblum during the eighth season had much to do with this decision. And the fact that you alternated episodes last year, did not create a rivalry?
No, not at all! Jeff is a nice guy and an excellent actor, whose work has often inspired me. It's a huge honour that he'll be replacing me.

TS:You've had some health concerns during the filming of the series a few months ago. Didn’t you think of leaving [the series] back then?
No, there was never a question of leaving the series, but just to ease my shooting schedule because it was really too heavy to bear!

TS: Are you pleased with the way that your character is leaving the series?
We have not yet begun to shoot the two-parter, so I really can’t talk about it. In any case, it will happen in the first 2 episodes of the ninth season. It will be dramatic, but Goren will not die!

TS: What do you think the departure of Kathryn Erbe at the same time as yours?
I have no idea how she feels about it. I can not speak for Kate, you should ask her that question.

TS: How do you look back on all those years in Goren’s skin?
To me it's a real accomplishment. It is so rare today that a series on the small screen lasts for this many years.. It surely must be an element of luck and also the talent of the writers.
But I will always be very proud of the longevity that represents this adventure. And I feel I have created a unique character whose style -original and innovative at the same time-, pleased the viewers.

TS: Have you heard the reaction from fans of the series?
Just the people that I come across in the street, that let me know that it saddens them that I’m leaving.

TS: Are you pleased that the door to the series will stay open for you?
There’s an expression that says: “it’s always better not to burn all your bridges” Goren is a special part and it would be a shame to let go of him forever. As an actor, I would be delighted to bring him back.
But with Jeff (Goldblum) the series may be sufficiently successful that the new team decides to waive my services all together, I would easily understand. But Dick (Wolf) and I would have been stupid not to leave the door open!

TS: You spoke of your children, how did they react to learn that you will be working less?
They were enchanted ! They will see me more often.

TS: Will you be doing more television next?
The projects I have for now, are all movies. I had some talks that could bring me back to the small screen, but that will have nothing to do with "Criminal Intent”. And then, it would be a part opposite of Goren.

TS: You just celebrated your 50th birthday last June, was that a big step for you?
Of course it's a step. The most exciting is the mystery that lies in the way that the next twenty years of my life will unfold! I just wish my career will take a totally different direction from everything what I have been able to do so far."

Thanks Drew!


Anonymous said...

If Vincent is trying to shame me into re-taking the French Language exam I chose not to take ??! years ago, he's doing a great job ;0) Please can someone from the English speaking world interview the sweet man so that we don't have to wade through Google's sometimes strange (& literal) translations.

Otherwise, as long as he's happy, I'm happy too! After all, it's not his 'fault' I don't wanna let Bobby go.

val said...

Google makes such a coherent translation!

But what I do take away is that there may be more TV in the offing, and I really hope that it happens, 'cos that's our best chance of a regular Vince-Fix.

After all, Goldblum cannot carry the show, it will fold without Vincent. So those return visits won't be possible for long, IMHO.

susin said...
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susin said...
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SnarkAngel said...

I'm glad to hear he hasn't completely closed the door to television opportunities. I look forward to seeing his future work in films, too.

Anonymous said...

Really, the more stories we get, the more confused I become. When was he ill during the last few months - while filming LOCI?? I am new, maybe I missed that.

Saw another translation and the new TV roles - he said only small roles - not a new series - guest spots.

I don't know...it just asks more questions than it answers.

A real interview would be great.

linda said...

This interview has a sad tinge to it or maybe it's because of the translation. As long as Vincent and his family is happy that's all that really matters.

fuzzytweetie said...

What health problem a few months ago?

janethyland said...

I love it. Its so absurd,like a Becket play, said in English, translated to French, then translated back to English.It confirms alot of things anyway.

Im sorry to hear he might have had health issues. Im sure the role of Goren exhausted him in many ways, but thankful that he gave so much, and that we had the opportunity to see this extraordinary character grow and develop into something special.

Perhaps he might try UK TV where the series seasons are very short and often feature film length.His form of character work would be so appreciated there, where its still possible to put Art on network television and get an audience.

I know his work with the later Goren was well received there ,possibly because of similarities to their flawed but fearless detectives like Morse/Wallander etc.Recent cop shows there are really innovative,experimenting with time sequencing and the nature of perception,like Robbie Coltranes (Cracker) new cop show the other night, Murderland. Brilliant work!

And besides he has family there too.

All those who so liked and talked about Goldblum last season will get a full season of him, and the rest of us can look forward to what VDO does next.

Behind the awkwardness of translation he seems so measured in that interview, so comfortable in himself and the hope for future possibilities.And i wish him well because he has given so much.

Jane said...

I think the interviewer has got it confused I think they mean a "few years ago" not a "few months ago". Its actually almost 5 years ago and people still go on and on about it.

The interview clarifies a lot though, I had a feeling that he was doing this for his family, namely his wife and children. He has been on the show for 8 years, he has been through a separation ( so has Kate)and I don't blame him for wanting to "recharge the batteries" now that he has a new baby and is back with Carin.

All the cast members that have left and are leaving have family and children, neither Jeff nor Saffron have those ties. The guys need a decent script really that's all( yeah V makes crap scripts great;)) but why hire an actor like him or Chris or Jeff or Saffron et al, and give them lousy scripts its unfair-plus the hammy co-stars as well, they need to put a little more effort into the show and its stars to make it successful. Thats the reason why Morse scored, the writing ( even for the 80s), the acting and the way it was shot too were all brilliantly done which unfortunately hasn't been able to be repeated with its spinoff.

I wish Vincent and Kate ( and Eric) all the best, show won't be the same without them.

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