Saturday, November 21, 2009

Signing Autographs at "PIX 11 Morning News" in NYC

Thanks Heather!


Labs_n_SD said...

He is just so genuinely nice about signing. He doesn't make the fans feel he is being put out - and lets face it, a lot of those people are just getting autographs for resale, not because they are a fan.

TJara said...

As a leftie myself I always squeak when I see him doing things with his left...
And he's so sweet... ;-)

SnarkAngel said...

That's what pisses me off, Labs_n_SD. REAL fans would give their right arm to get an autograph, but some autograph seller ends up getting the same access because Vincent, of course, has no time to distinguish between the sellers and the real fans. He really is being SUPER nice regarding all those requests.

krismiss said...

What is with the guy who dictates a long message for the autograph? I agree with SnarkAngel, Vincent is truly being SUPER nice.

Labs_n_SD said...

I know exactly what you mean SA. I hate that the autograph seller does not appreciate him the way a true fan would. How damn sweet he is to them. Especially when so many stars are not.

I think he probably sees some of the same sellers all the time. He did say specifically I can only sign one for each of you right now - that tells me he knew exactly who they were - he's just too nice not to sign anyway. I'm guessing the "Pros" and the Real Fans have a different look about them. The way they ask, act, approach, etc.

To be honest, I'm sure he would have no probably telling I was a crazy fan, who was too scared to even talk to him. I probably wouldn't even ask him for an autograph - I'd just stand there and watch him. He'd probably get a laugh out of it anyway :-)

Labs_n_SD said...

Funny thing, I'm actually going to be in NYC in a couple of weeks. I keep wondering what are the chances I could run into him ... and what would I say even if I did!

Lizzie said...

I guess Ebay will shortly be awash with people who couldn't give a damn about Vincent D'Onofrio making a fast buck for themselves out of Vincent's kindness. It makes me sick, and I hope no one buys them!

HeathersInAZ said...
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Bunny said...

He's signing autographs? All I see is tall and sexxyyyy!!! ;)

Frances said...

The collar of his jacket was crooked, I wonder if it will be 'fixed' when the autographed photos go on sale.

He looked pretty fit.

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