Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season 9 Photo

Posted by USA: Here's your first look at the upcoming new season, coming this Spring.

Thanks Labs_n_SD and Heather!


Labs_n_SD said...

They are sitting at Ross' desk. Gotta believe (hope) that means he is the one that dies.

Which I have to say is much better than Eames dieing (sorry Eric). I think Goren has had way too much angst - that would have put him over the edge.

Bunny said...

So, the captain buys it. Seeing that Goren and Eames are sitting at his desk.

mauigirl said...

Sorry Ross has to die, but I completely agree. Goren has had enough angst in his time with MCS. He needs a break.
Great pix, thanks.

Flowers said...

Yep, it looks like Ross buys the farm. I think when Bobby got put on suspension without pay, he sold all his clothes for extra money. Is it just me, or has he worn that same black checked shirt forever now? NO!! Don't throw rocks! I still love him and no matter what he is wearing,he is still sexy and makes me drool.

Michelle said...

If it was Deakens that had to die, I would be totally upset. But since I didn't like Ross from the jump -- hmmmmm, I glad. Sorry

TJara said...

No to rain on the parade, but maybe Ross "dies" and goes into witness protection, but Goren and Eames keep digging deeper and then Eames...

I won't say it. When it comes to this episode I pefer to be in a state of denial.

havers said...

Oh no Danny? That is so sad. But better than Alex...sorry!

Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Animelee said...


Roseha said...

They both look so good. Why did this happen? Maybe when Comcast buys NBC/USA it will turn out they are big fans and demand Vincent and Kate back...dreaming.

Anyway there are always guest appearances maybe? So sad, I try to watch other dramas and can't, apart from the L & O Mothership they all annoy me. Bring Vincent/Kate back please.

Jane said...

Well I knew it would be Ross that would be killed, they actually changed Ross a lot over the Seasons especially in S7 and 8 so its a shame that he goes, there is actually a picture of Vincent in a suit and tie amongst the pictures as well so he isn't just wearing casuals.

JJ said...

Goren is sitting at the capt.'s desk, seems to be in charge. Will he be the new Capt.

The picture with him in the suit..would'nt he be in uniform for a funeral?


Pauline said...

Because you see both on them at Ross's desk doesnt mean he's the one thats going to die..it could be a "trap" D:

Lizzie said...

I've been fooled before by pictures implying one thing when really something else is going on, so you'll pardon me if I don't breathe properly until AFTER the episode airs. By the way, does anyone know if we'll get both parts as one show, or are they going to torture us and make us wait a whole week between parts one and two for the final swansong of Goren and Eames? I don't think Vincent will be back, because there won't be a show there for him to come back to.


Amy said...

See that self-satisfied smirk on Goren's in the pic with him in the suit...I think HE killed Ross and totally got away with it! Mwahhahahahaha.

Seriously...Goren's in a suit! Doesn't he look smashing?!!

Michelle said...

Wow, I really can't believe we are talking about not only the demise of the show, but a character too. This is becoming to morbid for me. Does anyone else feel the same? I mean here we are talking about cameo appearances by the man and woman (Goren & Eames), who if it weren't for, the show would not have been as successful. Truly, they both have my utmost admiration and devotion. I will miss them sorely. Well, I guess all is over but the crying --(boo hoo, sniff, sniff), can someone hand me a hanky, please.

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