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Vincent's Playlist on WRXP 101.9

Link to audio - The file has been uploaded to another site. You will be able to access it now.

Link to non-music version - If it says 'temporarily unavailable', just keep trying until traffic slows. The file will stay there,unlike on rapidshare.

Thank you to Heather for providing the links.

Playlist on Vincent D'Onofrio Takeover on 101.9RXP

1) Joe Cocker - With a Little Help from My Friends
2) Squeeze - Cool for Cats
3) Clash - London Calling
4) Sid Vicious and The Sex Pistols - My Way
5) Matt Sbeglia - Hurricane (Written by Sam Bisbee, from VDO's movie Don't Go In the Woods)
6) Sam Bisbee - Five More Minutes
7) The Band - Ophelia
8) Elvis Costello - (What's so Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
9) Thin Lizzy - The Boys are Back in Town
10) Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
11) The Who - Baba O'Riley
12) The Beatles - The Ballad of John and Yoko (he brought up his wife, hummmmmm)
13) Kailin Garrity - The Way I Want You (Written by Sam Bisbee, Kailin performed at Joe's Pub)

Thanks Brie!

Vincent's request:
"Also, if I was you people, if you like the song I would call South by Southwest in Austin, Texas and tell them to play our slasher musical there. Or email them. Send them the letters and say we need to see the slasher movie really badly."

Visit South by Southwest at

SXSWeek 2010: March 12-21
Interactive: March 12-16
Film: March 12-20
Music: March 17-21


HeathersInAZ said...
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Outerbankschick said...

What an amazing time! I loved hearing Vincent's stories, and the reasons he picked each song. From Joe Cocker to the Clash...Sam Bisbee to The Who...Elvis Costello to Johnny Cash. A truly eclectic mix.

My two absolute favorites from the set were Thin Lizzie and The Who. Both songs are big favorites of mine, especially when I'm driving and I want to jam! And an interesting lead-in to "The Ballad of John and Yoko". That was a really nice bit of insight, especially given how private he usually is. I like that he shared some truly personal stories. Nice to learn a little something more about him. :)

Way to go Vincent! I'm awaiting "The Vincent D'Onofrio Takeover Part 2"!

janethyland said...

Great choice,especially top four.
Love the punk movement of the 70's as they ripped London open! But you had it in New York too.....New York Dolls, for instance.
In ireland U2 started with "Boy" and there was also Sex Gang Children and Virgin Prunes. Real innovative energy.

tate31nym said...

Interesting mesh, definitely have a common sound. Most of the songs can be heard for free on rhapsody(dot)com, if unfamiliar with them.

judith said...

Is there a recording of this for we UK fans? I hope so.

Jane said...

I want to see his movie in the UK lol, I hope someone managed to record this.

havers said...

That hour and a bit was so great. I stayed awaken from 1:00 to 2:00 in the night and it was it worth.

Vincent was so relaxed and great. I liked his little stories to the single songs and what he said about Carin...sigh.

So when we can have a secondradio show?

fanofvdo said...

Listened to program while watching L&I rerun;) Great play list, excellent commentary! Info about women - odd? Interesting reveal of this method actor's coloring of character development in various films. Loved the commentary! Do more.

krismiss said...

Thank you, Brie, for the recap. That was a cool show. I love Sam Bisbee's "Five More Minutes." Thanks also to Vincent for sharing his thoughts.

val said...

Sorry, your typo made me smile. Sid Viscous! It made me think of our lovely late DJ Kenny Everett, who did an amazing anarchic TV show with a character called Sid Snot.

I'm just downloading the show now and can't wait to listen.

thereel said...
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thereel said...

Oops, thanks!

Brie said...

That was my typo..sorry guys..I thought it looked weird typing it...blond moment!!!

Jane said...

Unfortunately you have to be a premium member of rapid share to hear it:'(

judith said...

When I press on the link heather put up I just get a box that says error. I do so want to hear it. Is there another link anywhere?

thereel said...

Link has been updated. Thank you Heather!

jazzy said...

Definitely not my taste in music.
Thanks for posting anyway - always a joy to listen to his voice.

judith said...

Got them both. Thankyou.

Susan1212 said...

Thank you for posting this! It was wonderful to hear his voice, his stories, and his favorite music. Sam Bisbee's "Five More Minutes" is my favorite! Hope he really does come back for a second take over!

Oh, thanks also for the link to South by Southwest!

guiding light81 said...

Thanks to WRXP who made an app that I immediately downloaded to my Iphone, I was able to listen to him and his taste in music(quite good choice).And all I had to do is stay awake until 1 p.m. (because of the time difference over here in Germany!)an it was totally worth it!

patinjersey said...

Vincent pushing his boundaries once again and sounding like he's having a great time doing it. Loved the "whoops" during the car story - lol.
More soon please...never can get enough Vincent!

Magpyi said...
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maculae said...

Any chance of reuploading this again? For us new fans? lol.

thereel said...

You can listen to it on WRXP's website. Go to Matt Pinfield's page, go to the 'Audio' box under Matt's Podcasts and scroll down for "Vincent D'Onofrio Takeover 1". There are 3 parts. You'll see them there.

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