Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010 Oscar Shorts available on iTunes and InDemand

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2010 has launched on iTunes (USA) --

Click here for THE NEW TENANTS (Live Action Nominee)on iTunes.

The Oscar Shorts 2010 programs launch thru inDEMAND on Comcast, Time Warner & Cox on March 3. Shorts program prices are between $2.99 and $5.99.


Jane said...

GB price is £1.49 on itunes.

Judy said...

I know I must be very sick but I thought that was hilarious...and I'll never complain about my neighbors again. Now, off to the kitchen to make some cinnamon buns.

Thanks for the link, a great find!


Eliza said...

Thank you for the link :-)

Downloaded and watched it already, well worth the £1.99, although it is a strange little film...I liked it

DonnaJo said...

I liked it too. I thought all of the actors did a great job, especially VDO.

Wasn't it obvious what was in the ziplock bag? I wasn't surprised at all.

Kathy said...

I was able to see it in theater and loved it. Now I get to watch it whenever the mood strikes - awesome. The opening rant is priceless and then, of course there's Vincent D'Onofrio too! *****
I've kind of been waiting for someone to mention the LOCI connection but if anyone has made it, I've missed it. The actor who plays one of the boyfriends - Jamie Harrold - played Dorian in season 4 epi - Collective.
(Sometimes these connections almost have me thinking of New York as being a very small town. LOL!)

Sandy said...

I just watched it. Sorry, guess I'm the only one that doesn't think much of it. But, what do I know. It must be good to have made it so far in the nominations. Just not my kind of film I guess, even with Vincent in it. Still love him though.

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List of films in production.

"In Dubious Battle" [2016]

"In Dubious Battle" [2016]
An activist gets caught up in the labor movement for farm workers in California during the 1930s. Vincent....Al Anderson


A story about the early life of Tennessee Williams

Directed by James Franco
Vincent D'Onofrio, Jacob Loeb

"American Falls" - [TBA]

In a rural town in Southern Idaho, the Suzukis, a Japanese American family, run a small motel. One night they get a strange visitor who sports ‘city’ clothes who turns out to be the first African-American man that Toru Suzuki’s children have ever seen. Yoshiko takes it upon herself to solve the mystery about this man, especially when 2 police officers come knocking on their door.

Short film produced by Erika Hampson.
Vincent D'Onofrio as Detective Foster.

'Purgatory' [TBA]

'Purgatory' [TBA]
Tagline: In the Wild West a lot of blood was spilled... but it didn't go to waste. Vincent....Dallas Stoudenmire

"A Fall From Grace" [TBA]

Detective Michael Tabb knows the city of St. Louis inside and out. He has felt its true heart, as much as its dark underbelly: but he does not know who, in both the dark and light - is taking the lives of young girls.

Director: Jennifer Lynch
Producer/Writer ...Eric Wilkinson

Vincent D'Onofrio ....George Lawson (GRACE's father)
Tim Roth.......Detective Tabb

Filming in St Louis - TBA

"Supreme Ruler" [TBA]

A man campaigns to become the leader of the Buffalo lodge.

Vincent D'Onofrio as Hank Dory
Ron Livingston as Steve
Marcia Gay Harden as Nancy

"The Monster Next Door" [TBA]

"The Monster Next Door" - Comedy Horror

Executive Produced by Dennis Johnson, Melanie Mohlman Produced by Eric Wilkinson, David Michaels
Written by Jim Robbins
Directed by Jennifer Lynch

Cast: Vincent D'Onofrio, Bill Pullman, French Stewart, Bill Moseley

'Down & Dirty Pictures' - [in Production - Filming TBA]

'Down & Dirty Pictures' - [in Production - Filming TBA]
Vincent......Harvey Weinstein

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