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Review: Law & Order: CI New Season

March 12, 2010 Posted on Crimespree Cinema

When I heard the news that the cast was changing I was mad. I love Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe on the show and after 8 seasons i want more. I questioned what the Hell they were thinking.

I've seen the first two episodes of Season 9 and I have to say the send off was perfect. LOYALTY part one and two were really something special and on the strength of these two episodes I think the show will still be a favorite.
Something weird is going on with their Captain (Eric Bogosian) and Goren and Eames are not going to let it it sit. Before long things get crazy with the international implications, FBI and the upper brass in NYPD all tangling things up.
I don't want to give anything away plot wise, but the title of the shows, LOYALTY is right on. Full post


val said...

Loyalty is what we feel towards the lovely Mr D'O. NOthing can change that.

Lizzie said...

To their ultimate cost, USA will shortly discover where our 'Loyalty' lays. Needless to say, it's certainly not with them!


DonnaJo said...

I'm very relieved to read that both Goren and Eames leave the show in a good way. Sadly, it seems Ross does not.

I will give Goldblum and Burrows a chance. Basically because according to recent interviews, VDO is honestly happy to be leaving. If he's happy, I have to respect that decision and support the show. However, if the show turns out to be a loser, I'm gone.

Quietfire said...

I think the title Loyalty describes perfectly the relationship of Goren and Eames and therefore a fitting ending to their stories.

There is not a hope in hell I will continue to watch once they are gone. Criminal Intent is Goren and Eames. Without them, it's a pathetic attempt at saving a drowning franchise.

mauigirl said...

Can't wait for April 7th so I don't have to think about this any more! Mr D'Onofrio does indeed seem happy to be leaving this show. As will I. It is not a form of protest, please don't misunderstand my intentions. I just have no interest in watching an 'imitation' Bobby Goren.

texasfan said...

I tried watching an epi without Vincent and made it to about 5 minutes. Unless I'm watching re-runs, I'm gone too.

Kathy said...

In my heart I didn't believe that the characters of Goren and Eames would really be given a short shrift sendoff but reading this still helps.

The 10 pm time slot doesn't usually work too well for me - never has, especially on a Tues. night, but I did always find a way to see the Goren/Eames and would have continued to do so. As with most of USA's original programming I'll catch episodes of CI as I can, but my days of appointment viewing are probably gone for this show after the second episode.

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