Monday, March 29, 2010

More Video: Vincent D'Onofrio at FSU

from BriarRose920
Vincent talking about his new project Johnny and Me and his character George Gerkie.

from BriarRose920
This is the best one! Vincent talks about Criminal Intent. I can't even describe it, you just have to watch. And of course I'm still giggling like an idiot! BTW, I work for NBC Universal and what he says IS VERY TRUE, General Electric DOES SUCK to work for!!!!

Thanks Heather!


Sandy said...

These are so much fun to watch. It gives us a glimpse of Vincent's great and fun personality..You were so fortunate to be there. The 4'th video was very interesting..As time goes on, we are getting a little better idea of the CI ending. But how do we get over Goren and Eames???Time'
time, time.

auroragyps said...

OMG, that second clip was so funny. That guy just kept talking, which I bet is hard not to want to do in the situation), but I'm actually saying to the video, "Dude, it's not a conversation, it's a Q&A.. stop talking." Then Vincent says the same thing. It just made me laugh. I'm really not ragging on the fan, but it just cracked me up.

Even for all the crap that GE/NBC/USA gave us with Criminal Intent, I will always be thankful for the show, because it was such a great showcase for Vincent & Kathryn to do what they do best. If it wasn't for CI, I might have never watched any of Vincent's other work (I'm watching some of Kathryn's too.. just saw the Homicide epi. she did.. WOW!) and I would be poorer for that. Plus, the show started when I was going through a very difficult time in my life, when I had nothing good going on, so it gave me something to look forward to every week and for that I am very grateful.

Cheers to everyone that worked so hard to make Criminal Intent the amazing show it was. While I just can't watch the new version that it will become, I do wish Jeff Goldblum luck, because he's been put in a tough situation and I like the guy... I'd just rather see him in something that's his own.

PS: Vincent is way too happy now. He needs to bottle some of that up and share it with the rest of us. Seriously, I think we might get some of his best work ever these days and I'm glad he's enjoying it.

Um, that's all. ;-)

auroragyps said...

PSS: From now on, the cast of Criminal Intent shall forever be known to me as:

"Brave Little Toasters".

janethyland said...

"the only friend he had left there,apart from the actors, was Dick Wolf". It must have been lonely for him in the end.

"the wild journey" of Goren.Yes, I am thankful for that.It was a wonderful experience. It made special television. We wont see that again on American TV. But it would be possible on TV in UK. There is alot of room for Art and experimentation on British mainstream television.It isnt all about the ratings fact there is very little record or emphasis on ratings there, which is why serious documentaries often do just as well as dramas in the prime slots etc.Id love to see him on British TV.

Nice to hear him thank the fans who kept the faith too.

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