Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Caps tomorrow


Labs_n_SD said...

I have to say while not unexpected, I was very disappointed in the ending. It's like they ran out of time to actually finish.

Tess said...

The episode was HORRIBLE. The writers, producers and Dick Wolf should be embarrassed and ashamed.

Vincent and Kate deserved SO much better.

flamipoo said...

I have to disagree. I think the ending was a goodbye for the actors. Those were not characters saying goodbye, that was Vincent and Kathryn saying goodbye. There was too much emotion.

I am still left wondering if Goren is taking up where Ross left off, taking the weapons to Puntland.

I enjoyed the episode in that it gave them and us a good ending. It is typical of the L&O character endings. At least it was an ending, we still do not know where Mike Logan got to. I can see where Vincent said he was happy with the way Goren leaves......by being loyal to Ross.

Susie said...

It was a sad moment for me when the episode ended. Not sure that was the best way to say good-bye to Eames & Goren. I'm fortunate to have met Vincent at the Stanley Kubrick Film Festival on 3/26. He was so laid back and relaxed, and, unexpectedly funny. Not only is he a great actor, I found him to be a sweet, incredibly friendly, very accommodating, nice, nice man. Vincent looked really good, esp. in the photo of him and me - now the wallpaper on my laptop....It's a wonderful reminder of just how great it was to meet him.


SnarkAngel said...

Forced, contrived, poorly written, disrespectful. That about sums it up for me. Over it.

texasfan said...

I feel the same way; they ran out of time before the story ended. I'm going to watch both episodes again to understand completely what happened. I wasn't surprised about the kiss. So "Goren" like.

Anonymous said...

USA were obviously 'done' with Goren and Eames from the start of Season 8. I'll miss them, but obviously the Network won't...until the ratings fall off a cliff. Ah, sweet revenge!!

Anonymous said...

I;ve been invested from the beginning. Watched & rewatched the DVD's by choice, know most every episode by title up until last season. I have loved & looked forward to these characters and have hated what the new writers have done with them. This ending was sad, not because of saying goodbye to Goren & Eames (I'd say we did that awhile ago), but because it didn't do justice to the characters, actors or fans.

guiding light81 said...

On all the other LOCI/VDO sites on the internet I read everyday, everyone is going mad about last night's episode.Apparently over here in Germany I will have to wait for a few month longer to say goodbye to Goren,Eames and Ross, but I feel like I've done it already.The pain felt and written down by my fellow vixens makes my heart feel miserably and hurt!
No other word than F*** YOU USANETWORK.
You may not know now what will be hitting you in the next few weeks and month but I do!!!!
Ratings will sink and you will lose some precious money.Apparently the ONLY thing you really care about (despite your slogan CHARACTERS WELCOME).But you should have known better not to mess with a loyal fan's heart.WE will make you LIGHTER!!!

Sharon said...

I also was disappointed - I think the entire episode was just a jumbled mess. It definitely was not the finish that Vincent & Katie deserved - especially after 8 years.

And with Bobby fired - I don't see any opportunity for him to return in guest spots. I'm not saying Vincent was wrong saying the door was open, I'm just saying that someone closed it on them.

Triple jeers to Dick Wolf, USA and all the others - you took a really great show and reduced it to rubble - you should be so proud.

Pauline said...

Well that is the end my friends ;_;

Sandy said...

For me, it could have been on for 2 or 3 more hours and it still wouldn't have been enough. Great acting by Vincent and Kate. How sad. The kiss surprised me but so happy it happened. Now we can all imagine what happened next. He did say "I'll see you around". So glad she resigned, true loyalty to him all through the show. I will miss them so much.

Margaret said...

I watched both episodes again last night. I still think it's just thrown together to let Detectives Goren and Eames exit gracefully; and on their terms. But I can't uderstand why Detective Goren didn't wear his dress blues for Captain Ross' funeral. He hadn't been suspended yet ?????

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