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Law & Order: Epatha May Stay, Meloni In, Erbe Back?

Showbiz411 | 4.8.10
by Roger Friedman

It’s spring, and a young man’s fancy turns to the soap operas at the various “Law & Order” shows.

I can tell you that sources say S. Epatha Merkerson may not be leaving “Law & Order” so fast. Even though Merkerson announced that she was exiting her role after 20 seasons, I am told that this is just a negotiating ploy. “L&O” grand poobah Dick Wolf is notoriously tough on money. But Merkerson is the show’s only tie to its past. She started there in 1993. Next season, if it’s renewed, “L&O” would become the longest running series ever. It doesn’t seem possible that NBC and Wolf won’t make that p.r. hook happen. And they can’t do it without Merkerson. So hold on. Lt. Anita van Buren may yet play out a final record breaking season.

And there’s more: Chris Meloni is now saying he’s staying with “Law & Order: SVU.” In February, he gave some quote that he was out. But “SVU” can’t function without Meloni and Mariska Hargitay, who’ve become savvy negotiators themselves. Merkerson probably took a page from their book. See how this works?

And finally: the word from the set of “Criminal Intent” is that Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burrows are not getting along, that Burrows may not be working out, and the stage could be set for Kathryn Erbe–whom I reported exclusively months ago was purged along with Vincent D’Onofrio and Eric Bogosian–might be brought back around Episode 5.

Hold on, because it’s all volatile, and anything could happen. One thing’s for sure: fans continue to write this column saying they are agree that D’Onofrio and Erbe are gone, and that they won’t watch a Goldblum-only show. Full article

Thanks Linda!


Sandy said...

If Kate would really want to do this, I would wish her all the best in the world. Personally I would hope she would tell them where to put it. The show is gonna tank. The partnership of Nichols and Eames those two shows last season were okay, only because she referred to Goren a couple times. Of course she could do that again this year, like how great he was the night before. HaHa

Sandy said...

Its me again. I was just thinking,,Shouldn't they be way done with taping season5 and on by now????

Anonymous said...

I hope Kate tells them to shove it where the sun don't shine, because this would be ALL about USA trying to 'rescue' a show it's done it's damnedest to kill off....

gyang333 said...

this is very good news!

Lizzie said...

Ah, the sweet smell of panic!!

Lizzie ;)

guiding light81 said...

Belated April fools?!!!If this is going to happen,and Kathryn comes back to LOCI I would be happy on one hand,but on the other hand:C'mon how unfair is this.First you fire, then,after the slightest chance of ratings dropping, you hire again???!!!'s USAnetwork which means:YES they do mean things to their "characters"!

Lorry said...

So, the plot thickens. USA is just now getting a clue? As if the problem wasn’t obvious from the start-Goldblum. We’d heard that last year with him and Nicholson, and the debacle that was season 8.
Assuming even part of this is true, if I were Kate Erbe, I’d tell the PTB go um, jump off a pier into shark infested waters (not my original idea, but I’m trying to be a lady). And if she does decide to do it, make them write her a check with MANY zeroes, give her some better writers (and maybe the option to have Vincent grace our presence once more.)
As a fan, I’ve never been big on writing to the networks when a show is to be canceled, whatever. I love well-acted, well-scripted drama. The L & O franchise is watched and discussed among three generations of our family, so I don't really see the demographic issue. A show written for smart, educated people-what a concept. I don’t do reality TV in any form, and there are few comedies around that are worth my time. But cheap and fluff is no substitute for quality, and CI is not CI without Erbe and D'onofrio. I guess I’ll go back to reading books-and watching the better stuff on TNT.

val said...

Sorry, but even with Eames I won't watch. Vincent WAS the show, and Goldblum makes me feel queasy.

Sandy said...

IN regards to my previous second post, I meant Episode 5 rather than Season 5. Of course they were done taping Season 5 years ago. Does anyone know if they are actually taping CI yet for season 9?? Sorry I misspoke myself.

TJara said...

If KE wants to do it, I'd be happy for her... but I don't really see it happening...

thereel said...

CI finished filming episode 13 ("The Disciple") today. Episode 14 titled 'Legacy' shoots April 9-20.

janethyland said...

There has already been an episode called "Legacy". Whats the matter with these people!Dont they know the show at all. They did that before with "Faithful".

And yes, Goldblum is the problem.

TJara said...

LOL, janethyland, I guess they thought naming one ep "The Faithful" and the other "Faithfully" was good enough... and let's not forget there's also an episode called "Faith"....

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