Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Loyalty" Part 2 Screen Caps

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baygirl said...

what really pissed me off....
is that the writers had THE NERVE to use gorens line for that new women

when her and nichols were questioning someone and as they were leaving she turned and said
"just one more thing"

i couldnt believe it

i was insulted!!!!!!

that is gorens line and NO ONE does it better than he

they should name his new partner dyms,

that would sum up their partnership

after the old writers left the show took a dive, and turned goren and eams into robots

the good news can buy the dvds and watch anytime you want

farewell sweet prince
good luck to kate too

Sandy said...

these are beautiful. We can just sit and look at them for as long as we want. Bobby looked so good in last nights show. So did Kate. If it had to end, I'm so glad they finally hugged and the kiss was an extra bonus. They are such good actors; although I think Vincent's and Kate's relationship is probably as strong as Bobby's and Alex's.

janethyland said...

yes,its sad.
The good writers left after season 7. Alot of them followed Warren leright into In Treatment where they earned In Treatment a Peabody Award fpr 2009.

Meanwhile LOCI became a dull Law and Order formula, just like all the others in the Franchise. I cant understand why because mothership ratings are the lowest on NBC and its been a bubble show since 2006 at least.

Its like they wanted to neuter the show.

rad-er said...

As a huge fan of VDO and the Goren-Eames episodes, I was pretty satisfied with this. The writers did a good job of maintaining the bond between them, the loyalty of the detectives and the integrity of Goren (re: his lines after he was abducted).
I thought it was a respectful send-off for our A-team and appreciated the fact we were probably considered so they weren’t made to pop out like previous MCS detectives. I liked Eames’ (and the writers’) acknowledgement that Goren is the best. I even liked Nichol’s lines as he reluctantly released the perp, in true LOCI style.
The only thing I found lacking was a strong villain. There wasn’t much of a counterpoint for Goren to really bounce off of. I wished the brother and sister were a little more mature as characters and actors.
I had the privilege (and thrill!)to meet Vincent on location in Chlorine. (Details about that experience to come.) He was as sweet as he is talented. I wish him and Kate all the best.
Criminal Intent will never be the same.

mauigirl said...

JMHO, but the G/E good-bye hug was the only good thing about last night's episode. Thank you for the beautiful caps.

auroragyps said...

Baygirl: I guess you've never watched much of Columbo. Nobody does the line better than Peter Falk and I'm sure they've had Goren saying it all these years as an homage to Falk's wonderful Detective Columbo.

I wasn't that happy with Part 1 of Loyalty (Ross's death scene was lame), but I think Part 2 was good. I would have liked a couple of things done a bit differently and the episode a few minutes longer so, but all in all, it was a good send off.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, USA couldn't be bothered to give Vincent and Kate (and poor Eric!) a decent send off, and without them, they have just another production-line cop show, with the added 'bonus' of having completely alienated the majority of it's audience. Brilliant!

Enormous thanks to Vincent and Kate for gracing our TV screens for the last 8 years. You deserved far better than you were given.

SnarkAngel said...

I thought both parts of "Loyalty" were lame. It was a very dull send-off for two great characters and actors. The writing really suffered after season 7. "Loyalty" was no exception. Goren and Eames deserved better, as did Vincent and Kate.

janethyland said...

The sweet embrace that says it all.
Thanks for these final screen caps.Over the years you captured the essence of Goren and LOCI with them.

judith said...

Is there only one cap? You normally have a few.

thereel said...

There are 40 caps. You have to click the photo to open the slideshow.

judith said...

Thanks got them now.

TJara said...

I'm with mauigirl. The hug was the only good thing in that episode.

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