Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Undies! at the Sarasota Film Festival

Stalking Stars at 2010 Sarasota Film Festival

Solo Travel Girl | 4.22.10
by Jennifer Huber

OK, I’m not really a stalker but I did have a fun time playing amateur paparazzi on the red carpet of the 2010 Sarasota Film Festival last weekend. Check out this blog post with my observation about Patti Smith’s red carpet appearance.

A burning question many fans may want to know, does Mr. Vincent D’Onofrio wear boxers or briefs? Well…

First, be sure to check out these two articles, “2010 Sarasota Film Festival Conversation with Vincent D’Onofrio” and “Vincent D’Onofrio’s ‘Don’t Go in the Woods”.Actress Patricia Clarkson, Sarasota Film Festival April 17, 2010

Looking for more photos? check out my 2010 Sarasota Film Festival Flickr stream and this YouTube video of Vincent D’Onofrio.

So, does Mr. D. wear boxers or briefs? During Sunday’s “In Conversation With” series, Vincent said he wasn’t wearing either! Hmm…



Miex said...

Errrrrr... what? Sorry, must've passed out at the thought of Vincent wearing nothing at all under his pants *faints again*

Labs_n_SD said...

That absolutely would have been my guess as to his response!

HeathersInAZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mauigirl said...

This is the best news I've had in a long time!

C said...

Perhaps a Banana Hammock....

Anonymous said...

That's the biggest un-surprise ever ;0)

Jane said...

Cute blog, hmmm he could be wearing Y fronts, but its not a question I would want to ask him:/

monforti said...

That thought will be in my head ALL DAY!

Lizzie said...

Jane, they don't do 'Y Fronts' in the States.

I'm happy!

Lizzie :0)

jamie said...

It is possible that could mean non of your business, that is a personal question. But i quess nothing is off limits when you are in the public eye.

val said...

I'm completely unable to make a sensible response to this news.

Sandy said...

My goodness!! What other answer could he possibly have given to a question like that. In a couple of those pictures he looks like he is blushing, probably after a question like that. Isn't he just too cute? Guess that's just for Carin to know if it's briefs, boxers or um nothing.

texasfan said...

My thoughts is that if it was 'nothing' we would have noticed that a long time ago. I agree though, saying "nothing" was a nice way of saying, it's none of your business.

Lizzie said...

texasfan, most of us DID notice a long time's kind of difficult NOT to in some scenes, and I guess jamie missed the interview some years ago where Vincent was asked what his favorite body part was. For the sake of the 'easily shockable' let's just say it wasn't his thumb! ;)

Lizzie (still happy!)

texasfan said...

Lizzie, don't think I haven't tried to notice. I just haven't. Maybe I'm just looking at that gorgeous tall hunk of a man. I've looked at all of his series (wore out season 3; had to get another one).

Lizzie said...

All I can say is 'Rocketman' was an apt title....and that's only ONE instance :)


jamie said...

No I did not miss the interview, i just think that is a personal question for anyone to be asked, my personal thought. I focus more on his work these days.

Anonymous said...

Gahhh, Drools. So the rumors are true. Lovely thought.

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