Friday, April 9, 2010

Tricia and Vincent at FSU

Tricia met Vincent when he appeared at The Stanley Kubrick Film Festival at FSU in March. She has previously shared her photos and videos with us, and now has shared her details of the day.

Read her story

Thanks, Tricia, for sharing the event with us.


janethyland said...

Its a wonderful story Tricia.
Lovely memories for you to keep and cherish.

Anonymous said...

What a WONDERFUL story, thank you so much for sharing, and I'm quite sure Vincent did NOT 'drop' Tricia's letter in the garbage. As someone else who was 'blessed' with meeting him once said, he's a 'Gentleman and a gentle man'

I'll be smiling all weekend :0)

mauigirl said...

WOW! Just WOW! Tricia, I am so happy for you. What a great account of your VDO meet and how he's changed your life. I was laughing so much during the 'meeting, part 1 and 2' of this, that my husband kept asking me what I was laughing at! I would have reacted exactly the same way, and you are brave to go up to him both days. I love what was going through your mind during the hug. HAHAHHHAAAA.

My brother met Vincent on two occasions, and my brother works in a job that puts him in close proximity to tons of celebs. He's told me Vincent is one of the nicest, most down to earth celebs he's ever met.

Tricia, thank you so much for sharing this with us, and you look gorgeous in the pix!

val said...

My, he looks wonderful, and BIG! Tricia, how tall are you?

val said...

OK, been to read the story now, and I am very impressed by absolutely everything in it. Good Luck is my favourite Vincent movie, he really was convincing as a blind man, and I am so glad you found the inspiration in him to realise your potential.

SnarkAngel said...

Wow, Tricia! What an amazing story! Truly inspirational, and I am so very happy you got the chance to meet YOUR inspiration and thank him for what he gave you. Your story is a beautiful one. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful experience with all of us. XOXOXO

judith said...

That was wonderful.x You aimed for the sky and got there.x Well done.x

shopgirl said...

How can we not be madly, deeply, hopelessly taken by this magically lovely man? Thank you for sharing your story and what a lucky woman you are!

TJara said...

Ah, so glad to see it posted here, too!! And I love hearing how everybody is enjoying this! And I'm with Diane on the letter, but you know that, Tricia...

Val, if I'm not mistaken, Tricia is around 5'2''. Correct me, if I'm wrong, honey!

Tricia972 said...

@Diane, I hope you're right and he didn't chuck it. And I hope if he did read it, it made him feel good and take pride in being someone's inspiration.

@mauigirl, I look gorgeous? Honey, you're looking at the wrong one, the gorgeous one is the tall guy standing next to me hehe. Thank you though, that was very sweet of you.

@Val, I'm 5'1" on a good day if I stand up very straight :) Isn't he tall??? He was seriously like 2 heads taller then me! GOD that's sexy!!

Thank you to everyone who liked my story! As I said on Hannah's site, it's so hard to reveal something like this about yourself not knowing how people are going to react. So a HUGE thank you to everyone for being so supportive of me! You'll never know how much I appreciate that. What can I say, Vincent fans are THE BEST!

Anonymous said...

Tricia, in my experience (tho' sadly not with Vincent - yet!) anyone who reacted the way Vincent did to you isn't the sort of person who would dump a letter given to him the second you were out of sight. He would read it and I'm sure, be touched by your words. Our lovely man should be SO proud that he moves so many of us to do certain things. He made me want to write - and I have - and one day, I WILL thank him - in person - for all the joy and all the new friends he's brought into my life. Thanks again for sharing your magical time with everyone and Vincent, should you read this, you can have a hug from me sweetheart, anytime, just be prepared for me to be stuck to you for some considerable time ;0)

Miex said...

That's a wondeful story, Tricia! Keep it in your memory as intense as possible. Then it will give you strength every time you remember it :)

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