Thursday, July 29, 2010

Matt Pinfield is still in jail

Part 2- Vincent D'Onofrio works to get to the bottom of the case.



Susan1212 said...

This is so funny! I can't stop laughing!

DonnaJo said... funny!

Love how VDO had a hard time keeping a straight face at times. Its obvious he loves doing this.

I have to say that Matt Pinfield is a really good actor. Of course, its probably easy to "act" terrified when huge Vincent has you pinned and is screaming at you, lol.

Sandy said...

Yes, this is sooo cute. I still love Vincent in detective mode. It seems so natural to him, and he seems to love feeding off Pinnfield. My granddaughter said Matt used to be on The Naked Brothers Band, so not surprising he knows a little bit of acting.

Anonymous said...


val said...

I'd love to be pinned against a wall by him...

mauigirl said...

Hahahahaha, I can't stop watching this! I love how he says 'Tom Petty Tom Petty!
Our guy needs to do a comedy, and one where he has more than 3 lines.

a said...

I'll tear it up!!


janethyland said...

Fun opening shots of cotton reels and clowns and white light behind the door!

Jane said...

Hotness personified, yeah I did see him trying not to laugh and I love that Matt was being so serious about it but he probably wanted to laugh too.

Billygrl said...

"Six days is not that long. Not even a week" "I've been checking my mailbox for the last six days and I got NOTHING!" "The contest exists, the vinyls is bull**** and I got no Tom Petty tickets!" My favorite Vincent line here is "Fantastic! You're a charmer!" He and Matt should do a skit on SNL. Actually, Vincent should host an episode or two. He's a great comedian. Unless he still has issues with NBC, that is.

Billygrl said...

Don't feel bad, Matt. I don't speak French, either! LOL

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