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'Law and Order: CI' loses Jeff Goldblum; Could Vincent D'Onofrio be back?

Examiner.com, 8.3.10
By Terra King

Apparently the LO/CI troubles are back. As everyone should remember LO/CI dumped it's core cast of Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian this past season.

Now according to 'Variety' (the entertainment Bible) Jeff Goldblum has opted not to return to the show. His contract is up and he won't be signing a new one. The next season would be the tenth for CI. The finale of the ninth season was July 6th.

There are some rumors floating around the internet (TVbythenumbers) that CI may have a mini season with only 8 episodes. They are also reporting that some former cast members may return.

Of course, Jeff Goldblum could change his mind. However USA network, backed by Universal would do very well with bringing back the wonderful cast we all loved for so long.


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Deadline.com - The Future Of USA's 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' Still In Limbo, May Return For Final Hurrah Sans Jeff Goldblum.


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Tess said...

And maybe pigs will fly!

SnarkAngel said...

Might as well face it, folks. LOCI is over. Should have been over at least a season ago. I seriously doubt Vincent and Kate would even remotely consider a return.

Anonymous said...

...and maybe cows will fly too!

Sharon said...

I suggest we not get our hopes up.

I find it ironic that Goldblum comes aboard, resulting in massive trauma (not just to Vincent, Katie, Eric, and all of us), and now just walks off into the sunset. Dick Wolf's head must be spinning over this - and that makes me happy.

Is there anything for Goldblum to walk away from - has CI even been renewed for another season (I know In Plain Sight was renewed for 2 more seasons)? Is anybody even watching CI anymore - I haven't seen any ratings.

Even if they could get Vincent and Katie back it would involve beaucoup de bucks (and probably more than they want to spend on them).

How do you reconcile the fact that Bobby was fired and Alex quit? There's nothing for them to come back to - unless the commissioner and chief are tossed out as corrupt and they bring them back that way.

Much as I would love to see Vincent & Katie return - I would want it done respectfully to both them and the characters - something that was sorely lacking in the way they were let go.

auroragyps said...

Eames & Goren spin off?

It won't happen, but I can dream.

Music Wench said...

I actually hope no one goes back. Unless they replace Walon Green and bring back Leight. I'd say Balcer but he's obviously busy with LOLA.

It's sad that USA wants to continue to run that once great show into the ground. Cancel it already.

guiding light81 said...


trigger said...

I checked on the ratings for a friend through the season. Did I watch the show? No. I have not watched a Nichols episode since the second one that was aired in season 8. The average viewership for the show during its run on USA was around 3.5 million, +/- 2 to 3. The Nichols episodes, after the departure of Goren and Eames and once the average viewer finally realized Goren and Eames were not coming back, was generally in the 2.7 range. I don't recall any Goren episode ever falling below 3.2. Viewership on the networks generally has higher numbers than cable--I'd have to research how the show did when it was on NBC, but it has always been solid, thanks to its devoted core fanbase. Bottom line is that, true to our word, a huge percentage of that devoted core fanbase did leave the show with Goren and Eames, as promised. When listening to USA try to hype the show ("best in its timeslot"),keep in mind the timeslot to which the show was banished. Goren's CI was solid against the likes of Desperate Housewives at its peak. Nichols was up against...Chopped on the Food Network. The ratings were poor with no competition aside from the ten o'clock news (and Chopped). Spin it however you want, CI crashed without Goren and Eames and Jeff Goldblum is simply leaving a sinking ship. Smart move on his part. The damage USA did to our show, sadly, is irreparable. They are trying to make "the economics" work for a short half season, which tells me they are trying to cut a deal with Vincent and Katie. I doubt they will be able to succeed. I simply don't see Vincent coming back, although I would be thrilled if he did. The only way I would watch is if he returned.

mauigirl said...

Other than TPTB, I feel Walon Green did his best to kill this show. He never understood the Goren/Eames previous epis, their background, their motivation, or where they were headed. Nothing, just nothing from Green re those two characters. What a shame! And I'm sure he was getting a real nice paycheck.
VDO will not go back to this, don't know about the other actors, but I don't care. If V is not on the show, I'm not interested.

val said...

Sounds to me as if he got his retaliation in first.

When would VIncent find time to go back to the show - he doesn't seem to have had a spare second since he left.

Maybe they could recruit GGG?

Gnomie said...

I don't think I'd want it to come back, even with Vincent & Kate.

It's over, and the powers that be just need to shut it down.

Lizzie said...

C.I. lost it's heartbeat when Vincent and Kate left. I had no interest in watching after that, but kept an eye on the ratings. An episode in mid-May had precisely a million viewers less than part one of 'Loyalty', it's lowest rating EVER and the 18-49 demographic collapsed to 0.80. When Vincent has talked about the show since he left, it's obvious that he was deeply unhappy at the end. I don't see any way he'd go back, and neither should he - or Kate - given the appalling way they were treated, to make way for the 'new' cast. They were virtually air-brushed out of their own farewell episode. I'm sorry for the show we once loved that it crashed and burned, but TPTB are now reaping exactly what they sowed. Time to put it out of it's misery.

janethyland said...


BobbyG said...

Lizzie: Amen and Hallelujah, sister.

Esmee said...

"They are also reporting that some former cast members may return"

I'm looking forward to an all new episode with Detective Goren & Eames!

I know it won't happen, but sometimes dreams come true, right? (:

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