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Vincent cast in "Chronicle"?

Recently posted on Indiewire, 1.12.11

Justin Long, John Hawkes & Ryan Phillippe To Star In Indie Pic ‘Chronicle’

There’s not a lot of information yet, but a report about Justin Long’s new production company revealed that he would be starring in a new film, “Chronicle,” alongside John Hawkes and Ryan Philippe. According to the Gramery Park Pictures website, Mickey Rourke, Helena Bonham Carter, Kate Mara, Danny Masterson and Vincent D’Onofrio were in discussions to join the cast as of last month, but no word if they will be signing on or have simply moved on (our guess is probably the latter).

IMDb lists the following rumored cast for "Chronicle".

Helena Bonham Carter ...Miss Molly (rumored)
Kate Mara ... Hindley (rumored)
Justin Long ... Charlie (rumored)
Ryan Phillippe ... Charlie (rumored)
Vincent D'Onofrio ... Agent Eckhart (rumored)
Danny Masterson ... Bernie (rumored)
John Hawkes ... Pig pen (rumored)

BUT we are told that casting for the film is as follows:

Owen: CAST (Ryan Phillippe)
Charlie: CAST (Justin Long)
Pig Pen: CAST (John Hawkes)
Hindley: CAST (Kate Mara)
Bernie: CAST (Danny Masterson)

And a casting call for the role of Agent Eckart was posted on 1/21/10--

IMPOSTER AGENT ECKART - This unkempt, bearded DEA "agent" barges into Charlie's home with his partner and proceeds to intimidate and threaten Charlie about a recent pot shipment. It's a sting, however, as Charlie later realizes.

We'll see!


Anonymous said...

Well we'll see. Nothing is ever written in stone is it. It's hard to tell from the character description just how big the part is but then Vincent isn't known to go after the roles bc of screen time.

val said...

Unkempt, bearded, yes he can do those. Seems to only take about 5 minutes for his hair and beard to grow.

Thank goodness!

Leigh said...

I can't think of anyone better qualified to play a bearded, unkempt, DEA Agent. I love his longer, curly hair and beard since he left CI, and I hope he doesn't have to trim either too much when he returns to the show (which I can't wait for!) :-)

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