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Casting Breakdown - "The Man Who Wasn't There"


[NAOMI HALLORAN] Female, 42, a gorgeous and powerful businesswoman, wordly and intelligent. A one-time beauty queen who went on to work in CIA procurement before founding her own company, Sun-Tech Industries – a firm which creates malicious software programs to be used in “cyber warfare.” She has been locked in a rivalry for years with her former friend Terence Brooks, head of a private security firm, who she blames for the death of her first husband by a suicide bomber in Iraq. She falls under suspicion when a brilliant young hacker who worked for both her and Terence is found dead.

[TERENCE BROOKS] Male, 40, Caucasian or African American. Extremely masculine, strong, handsome, charming, and jovial. A former Navy Seal who has become incredibly wealthy running a private security firm. He has been locked in a rivalry for years with Naomi Halloran, head of a cyber-security firm, and the widow of his best friend. He falls under suspicion when a brilliant young hacker who worked for him and Naomi is found dead.

[REBECCA KHOURI] Female, 28. EXTREMELY GORGEOUS ISRAELI. Lithe and athletic. A tough woman who can handle herself in a fight, Rebecca is a former Mossad agent. Highly trained, she made it through nine months of being held in captivity by the Palestinians. Disgusted by war profiteering, she left Israel to come to the US, where she fell in with a group of extremist anti-business eco-terrorist hackers. She falls in love with one of her compatriots in this new cause – but is forced to violently turn against him when a powerful man threatens to have her family killed.

[ELISE CORBIN] Female, early 50s, very fit & attractive. The mother of the murder victim, she resides in a secluded area of Long Island. The investigation reveals that she is wanted for murder, for her participation in a radical anti-government group in the 70’s that killed a security guard in a bombing. Now in her 50’s, Elise is unrepentant and secretly running an anti-war, eco-terrorist group known as the Free Earth Liberators, commanding an army of brilliant young hackers – among them her murdered son, whom she had groomed from an early age to be one of the soldiers in her movement.

[GEORGINA RESKALA] Female, 28. Extremely fit and athletic. Of some foreign extraction, possibly South American. A tough woman who can handle herself in a fight, Georgina is former Navy Special Ops. She has now become radicalized and embraced the extremist agenda of the eco-terrorist Free Earth Liberators, along with her brother – who is murdered while attempting to carry out a mission. Even in the wake of this loss, Georgina remains fiercely loyal to the cause she is fighting for – she is a true believer.

[MATT CORBIN] Male, 28, lean, strong, and agile. The “LeBron James of cyber-warriors,” possessing not only a brilliant mind for computers but also fit & athletic enough to scale buildings with his bare feet & hands. His mother is a 60s-era radical who has groomed him from an early age to be an operative in her anti-government, anti-business terrorist group. At his mother’s behest he has planted himself as a double-agent in SunTech Industries, a cyber-warfare company, and found his loyalties becoming divided when he enters a romantic relationship with the female CEO – who in turn plants him as HER double-agent at Mars Security, a company run by her rival.

[JANICE] Female, 45, any ethnicity, attractive. An extremely poised, polished executive assistant. Her boss is obnoxious and verbally abusive, but she is highly paid and has no trouble taking it in stride as part of the job.

[ERSKINE] Male, 29, any ethnicity, an attractive nerd type. Loyal assistant to the head of a cyber-warfare company.

[STAN] Male, 28 – 32. Could be character-y. A nerdy computer tech who assists the detectives.

[ZOE] Female, 23, any ethnicity. A beautiful sales clerk in a lingerie shop. Could be an edgy East Village type.

[JIMMY] Male, late 30s – early 40s, Caucasian. An obnoxious passenger berating his cabbie as they are stuck in traffic.

[DET. FIELDS] Male or female, 30s, any ethnicity.

[CSU TECH] Male or female, early 30s, any ethnicity.

Thanks Sam!

**The titles of the episodes are subject to change at airtime.
Alternate Title: "BOOTS ON THE GROUND"

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Anonymous said...

This one sounds kind of interesting by the cast description.

Thanks for sharing :)

thereel said...

You're welcome Bev!

havers said...

Why they are all attractive ;o)

I can't wait to watch this episode. Sounds like an interesting plot with these multi national cast.

Anonymous said...

'The man who wasn't there' - AKA Jeff Goldblum!!

You'd think USA would have 'updated' their LOCI page headers by now ;0)

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"In Dubious Battle" [2016]
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'Down & Dirty Pictures' - [in Production - Filming TBA]

'Down & Dirty Pictures' - [in Production - Filming TBA]
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