Friday, February 4, 2011

How should Criminal Intent end?

Entertainment Weekly, 2.3.11

"Law and Order: Criminal Intent sets final season premiere date. Please, let Det. Goren die." by Kate Ward

When we last saw Det. Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) on Law & Order: Criminal Intent — when the actor was officially leaving the show… for the first time — he was simply fired by longtime partner, Det. Eames (Kathryn Erbe). Though I don’t speak for all CI fans who spent years watching D’Onofrio play the eccentric headcase of a detective, I will admit that I felt this was not an acceptable finale for one of TV’s most interesting, complex characters. No, if you ask me, in the final episode of the final season of CI — which premieres May 1 — Det. Goren has to die.

And not just pass away. Law & Order‘s most tragic detective needs to go down in a blaze of glory, in a massive gunfight or via spontaneous combustion while debating Jean-Paul Sartre’s finest works with a criminal mastermind. Look, the reason I think he should die is because I love him so much — a tortured figure like Goren can only find peace in the afterlife. Full article

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DonnaJo said...


They had better not kill Goren. Or Eames.

Why can't the series end on a happy note? Goren and Eames moving on to careers that are satisfying? At least one of them finding love?

This woman is ridiculous. I don't believe for a moment that she "loves" Goren. If she was a fan, she wouldn't feel the way that she does.

Kris Ann said...

What DonnaJo said, lol.

A happy, hopeful ending note is what I've always wanted. And the press release yesterday seems to indicate that's the route the show is going in, so yay!

Jane said...

No way should he die, he is no longer the tortured soul anyway, and he wasn't actually fired as she never actually said "Your fired" he technically quit and admitted that he was a liabilty to the squad and to save her from actually firing him. Anyway he has his "niece" and there is still Donnie, so Goren has a lot of family still left. It should end like L&O, "just another day at the office".

Anonymous said...

A 'happy ending' is probably too much to ask for - unless they don't just jump the shark, but fillet it and serve it to other sharks - but a SATISFYING one would be nice - and that would NOT entail Bobby wearing a toe tag thankyouverymuch

Muriel said...

Agree w/ both prior comments. I would not like a blood & guts ending to the show. After watching VOD's trauma & turmoil his last season I prefer to see him get back on track and do some great major case investigations.

T'Jara said...

Robert Goren has always been a character who cherished life. He really shouldn't die.

I want Goren and Eames sitting at their desk, going about business as usual, while the camera slowly pans out... just because CI ends, their story doesn't have to.

jamie said...

Anyone who you love so much you would not want to see them die. Why can't he just move on to another job with a higher position. I take it very personal after losing a child in a car accident almost two years ago, you may just be kidding, but i don't take death as a joke in any situation, every day i look for a return that will not happen, so for him to move on just in case that here may be a return episode would be great.

mauigirl said...

This person is nuts! I agree 100% DonnaJo - why can't the series end on a happy note, for goddness sake? Bobby Goren has been through so much crap, and Eames has too. Let the two of them go out on a high note - happy, loved (both of them finding love w/be great) and professionally fulfilled. Is that too much to ask?

auroragyps said...

Killing off Goren would be too cliche. It happens on too many cop dramas, so let's have CI end in a different and awesome way.

carolina said...

No! Please don't let anyone die this time! I would love for Goren AND Eames to find happiness... (especially with each other).

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