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Casting Call - Law & Order: CI - Episode 10.5 - "Cadaver"

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**Warning: Spoilers**


[DR. SAM HARRIS] Male, late 20s – late 30s, biracial: African American & Caucasian, handsome, soulful. A successful doctor at a prestigious research institute, he harbors a secret motivation for seeking a job at this particular place. While competing for a coveted grant, he falls under suspicion of murder.

[DR. MAYA HARRIS] Female, late 20s – late 30s, biracial: Asian & Caucasian, pretty. Extremely driven. Though she is a successful doctor working at a prestigious research institute, her personal life is all but non-existent, as she still lives under the thumb of her domineering mother. Her work on childhood leukemia lands her a coveted grant – and makes her the target of suspicion when a key figure at the institute is murdered.

[DR. THEO VAUGHN] Male, 30, athletic, charming, devilish grin. Working at a prestigious research institute, he is a genius with robotics – but constantly sabotages his professional prospects with immature pranks and poor impulse control. After a murder, he falls under suspicion when his affair with the wife of an important figure at the institute is uncovered.

[JOANNE CHEN-GREEN] Female, 50s – mid 60s, Asian. Fixated at all costs on the professional success of her children, she has driven them relentlessly from a very young age. It drove away her husband and eldest daughter, but her younger daughter has achieved great success as a doctor – and continues to live under her thumb, even as an adult.

[LAUREN LANGSTON] Female, 45, elegant. Upper class wife of a self-made millionaire and philanthropist. Seemingly happily married – but with secrets that cause her to fall under suspicion when her husband disappears.

[DAVID LANGSTON] Male, 55, a self-made millionaire and prominent philanthropist, head of the profitable Langston Pharmaceuticals company. The primary donor to a
cutting-edge research institution. After finding he couldn’t make the cut at med school, he left and made millions in pharmaceutical development. Happily married and with a young daughter, he has now endowed a highly coveted grant that makes him the target of intense lobbying from the young researchers.

[DEAN DANA JOHNSON] Female, 40s, political. Head of a prestigious medical research institute.

[AVA LANGSTON] Female, 8. She blames herself for the death of one of her parents.

[FLORELLE THE NANNY] Female, 40s, Caribbean. Nanny to the 8-year old child of a millionaire.

[CLAIRE MADSEN] Female, 27, cute, kooky, any ethnicity. She organizes protests against pharmaceutical testing on animals.

[ORLI GREEN] Female, 30s, Asian. Punked-out East Village chick who works as a bartender.

[DR. HAL KAPLOW] Male, 30s, any ethnicity, could be a character type. He oversees the cadaver room at a prestigious research institute.

[ETHAN LOWE] Male, 30s – 40s. A funeral director in a blue collar area in upstate New York.

[DEFENSE ATTORNEY NEIL COATES] Male, 40s, high-powered.

[DEFENSE ATTORNEY SERENA HARPER] Female, 30s, attractive, high-powered.

[FEMALE JOGGER] 20s, fit & athletic, any ethnicity.

Law & Order Criminal Intent: Season 6

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'Down & Dirty Pictures' - [in Production - Filming TBA]
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