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Transcript of interview w/Dick Wolf and Vincent D'Onofrio

By Dar Long | Posted 4.22.10

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - The Return of Goren and Eames!

When Dick Wolf got a call from USA network asking if he would like to bring back Law & Order: Criminal Intent with original Detectives Robert Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Kathryn Erbe (Alexandra Eames) for a final season, he didn’t have to think twice. “Being the optimist that I am, I think there is real power in seeing this show come back at full fire power and renewed energy. We all hope that this is a victory lap as opposed to a swan song.”

During a conference call hosted by USA network Thursday, D’Onofrio and Wolf discussed the series’ return May 1st for the 10th season and were enthusiastic about the renewed energy the return brings and hopeful that audiences will want to see more.

“The work the cast and crew are doing is better now than in the last six years, and in my 30 years of experience, it’s as good as episodic TV gets.” Wolf went on to explain that 22 years ago (when the original Law & Order franchise was born), “I had no idea this would evolve and go on this long; I was just hoping to get 22 decent episodes out. Law & Order was very different for TV back then; it did not start out with a bang, it was an acquired taste.”

It was a taste widely acquired, as the franchise went on to become a dynasty and spawned versions in Europe, Russia, and the UK, as well as the current American versions Criminal Intent, Special Victims Unit, and Law & Order: LA.

D’Onofrio was enthusiastic about returning to reprise his roll as Goren, and to reunite with his former on-screen partner.

“Dick has supported me and my feelings about this show. You have to trust his intuition and his instinct. I was ready after the time off to go back to the feeling and the tone that we had in the first 4 seasons. On the first day, even in the first scenes, I put the suit back on and I was rockin’ – it just felt right. It wasn’t hard at all.

It was great to work with Katherine again. We are at ease with each other. We knew each other before working on the show, I can’t imagine anyone else playing that part and it just works – it never fails.”

Just what can L&O: Criminal Intent fans expect for this special eight episode “final season?”

Both Wolf and D’Onofrio are quick to jump in and assure me that they are not approaching this season as a final one.

“There is renewed energy there. The series has more stories to tell; we haven’t run out of steam. I can not imagine this is going to be the end of this show,” Wolf explains. “It’s operating better now than anytime in the last 4 years. Everyone is at the top of their game. I am an optimist; I think a lot of our old audience will watch again, and they are going to want more.”
D’Onofrio agrees and is eager to explore his character as he comes to terms with his past.

“It starts with the scripts, and then the ideas come from there. I hope this isn’t the last season, that people react to this as I have reacted to it and see this is some of the best work of the series and want to see more. This is more than just a collection of episodes; after 10 years, this is a life you see unfolding every week. I think it’s fascinating.”

This season sees the addition of actor Julia Ormond playing a psychiatrist who Goren is required to see as a condition of his return to the Major Case Squad. These scenes provide an opportunity for the viewer to gain new insight into the character.

“We really get to the bottom of Goren, and there is a kind of freedom that comes from these scenes with her character and mine in a room, and you get to learn things that have been hanging for a long time. Goren returns to top form, and it’s going to be entertaining and surprising.”

What do we tell fans about the prospects for future seasons?

“Well, everyone working on this season is hoping that people tune in in the kind of numbers they tuned in 4 or 5 years ago. If the season outperforms what the networks expect it to do, they will want more. I believe in how good the show is. Anyone who has ever liked Vincent in the past should tune in; they will be impressed. This show has legs and staying power; if we get the viewers back the network will want more. So it’s in the hands of the viewers.” Wolf goes on to remind viewers, “Tivo doesn’t count. If you want to see more of this show you have to tune in. We are hoping for a stay of execution here.”

Law & Order: Criminal Intent returns May 1st on USA network and on the CTV network in Canada.

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Regina Caschetto said...

One week to go before the first episode and I definitely want the show back for more than a final season. That comment about these episodes being more about peoples' lives is correct. We want to be a part of Goren and Eames lives forever.

Kris Ann said...

Love "I put the suit on and I was rockin'!" LOL.

He always rocks, as far as I'm concerned.

Very excited for the new season!

Gynmd said...

These interviews make me so excited about the renaissance of LOCI with Goren & Eames! I can't wait, and I pray that it's not a final season. I hope the suits and bean counters at USA pay attention to the fans' reaction to the show's return. I just read an article on Wall Street Journal's site that the network wants their original programming to be fluffy, light and "full of blue skies".

Gynmd said...

The other thing that strikes me is how appreciative and respectful Vincent is when he talks about Dick Wolfe in these interviews and past interviews, and it seems to be reciprocated. His tone always left the door open to returning to LOCI, and gave him flexibility in how the showed worked. Contrast this to how Charlie Sheen napalmed his bridges with the producer of his show.

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