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Interview: Vincent D’Onofrio Discusses John Nardi And Kill The Irishman

PopcultureZoo, 6.12.11
by Joseph Dilworth

Transcription by Katrina King. Katrina is rumored to have killed Bill, but he wasn’t Irish.

Vincent D’Onofrio made himself well know very early in his career with his disturbing performance as Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket. Since then he has played many distinguished parts such as Orson Welles in Ed Wood, Thor in Adventures in Babysitting, Edgar in Men in Black and Pooh-Bear in The Salton Sea, to name but a few. Currently, he is playing Detective Robert Goren on the TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Recently, D’Onofrio turned in a terrific performance as John Nardi in the acclaimed film Kill the Irishman. I spoke to the distinguished actor recently about Nardi and the film.

POP CULTURE ZOO: I really, really enjoyed the movie, and particularly your role in it. I was wondering what about this particular movie and this character interested you and made you want to do this?

VINCENT D’ONOFRIO: Well, I was sent the script. I liked it. I’d never heard of the Danny Green story before. So, it was a good read, the script, and then I researched it a bit, and I was just amazed at the whole story of this guy. And yeah, I looked at the role of John Nardi. I tried to find stuff about him – there wasn’t very much. I talked to the director, Jonathan Hensleigh, who I like a lot, just from the conversations that we started to have on the phone. We talked about the way that I wanted to go about portraying John Nardi, since there wasn’t a lot of information about him. Jonathan and I agreed that the take that I had was a good way to go. He had told me that Ray Stephenson was going to play Danny Green, and I’d been a fan of Ray’s since he did Rome, and so… I did it.

PCZ: Excellent, we’re all glad you did! Does it factor in at all into the way you researched this role or thought about it, Nardi being a real person and not a fictional character?

D’ONOFRIO: Yeah, I tried. There was only one picture of Nardi that I could find, and there were some things written about him, but the script really dictates what you have to do: your part. Especially with a supporting role like that, you’re really there to serve purposes; to help the story. It’s really just a creation of my own that I had to bring into it.

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