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Ethan Hawke And Vince D’Onofrio To Star In NBC Crime Drama Written By Chris Brancato, 9.14.11

EXCLUSIVE: In what will instantly become one of this season’s highest-profile drama projects, I hear that Ethan Hawke and Vince D’Onofrio have teamed with writer-producer Chris Brancato for a cop drama, which has been nabbed by NBC with a production commitment. Brancato conceived the project, titled Blue Tilt, and took it to Hawke and D’Onofrio who helped shape it. All 3 will executive produce. The show will star Hawke and D’Onofrio as two seasoned homicide detectives — one married and one divorced — as they solve cases while dealing with their wives/ex-wives and kids. The title Blue Tilt refers to a cop term for homicide detectives who, as a result of dealing with particularly brutal crimes, become a danger to themselves and are put under psychiatric observation. I hear that the pilot is targeted for a production start by the end of the year in New York where both Hawke and D’Onofrio live. The two actors are old friends and co-starred in the 2009 feature Staten Island together, while Law & Order: Criminal Intent star D’Onofrio worked with Brancato on the final season of the Law & Order spinoff, on which Brancato served as executive producer/showrunner.

This marks D’Onofrio’s return to NBC where Law & Order: CI started before moving to cable sibling USA Network. Blue Tilt will be produced by newly renamed Universal Television, which also produces the Law & Order franchise. CAA-repped Hawke will next be seen in The Woman In the Fifth, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, and is about to start Scott Derrickson’s untitled thriller for Summit. On the TV side, the Oscar-nominated actor recently toplined Fox’s pilot Exit Strategy. D’Onofrio, repped by UTA and the Collective, just wrapped Fire with Fire and Chained. For 13 years, WME-repped Brancato was partnered with producer Bert Salke in Brancato/Salke, which was dissolved in summer 2010.


Sharon said...


I am so sick of channel-surfing and watching nothing but reruns and reality shows!

This sounds good - hoping Vincent plays the married one!

thereel said...

I'm with you on that Sharon. Hard to find something good on network tv.

Lizzie said...

While I and many others would be quite happy to watch Vincent stand in a corner for an hour, I'm hoping this is better than it sounds, because it sounds like the plot of the first 'Lethal Weapon' movie, before they turned it into a cartoon franchise. Vincent has well and truly played the 'tortured cop' role for the last 10 years so I'm utterly amazed he's chosen ANOTHER cop show to return to TV in. Let's pray the rest of the non-VDO-Loving World wants another one too.


magpyi said...
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judith said...

It's great..we'll get to see Vincent on the TV. again but if he's the married one how can we have fantasies about him...

val said...

I'm not surprised he's chosen another cop show. He's got such strong links now with the meth cops programme and the law enforcement museum, all because of playing a cop, this will strengthen those links.

Gynmd said...

EE-Yabba-Dabba-DOOO!!! He's coming back! I agree with Sharon and thereel. I get less and less excited about committing to new shows unless has an actor I'm really into.

Texasgirl said...

Sign me up.... I'm ready for anything "D'Onofrio". Yhis will be wonderful.

samuela said...

On the one hand I'm obviuosly thrilled.
On the other hand the whole idea looks a bit too much like Robert Goren's story.

jaime said...

It sounds like an interesting project. and I Think he is the divorced one, that they spoke of secondly.

Kris Ann said...

Jaime, the Hollywood Reporter account lists Vincent first then Hawke, and then says one's married and one's divorced so I don't know what to think, lol, as it's the opposite of the Deadline story.

I'm thrilled Vincent is doing another series, but I'm really surprised. I assume if it's network TV, it will be a 20 or 22-episode season and I thought he said he'd never do that schedule again....

dahlia said...

Hope he is the married one, enough with the angst, be a happily married man completely different from Goren.Anyway, looking forward to seeing it, but fingers crossed because so many shows get axed before the viewers get a real chance to get to know them.And NBC is notorious for having a short attention span.I was wondering though why he wants to commit to a tv show, if it's a full 22 episode season, that was why he wanted out of C.I. the long season was too much for him,and why it ended up being split with Chris Noth 11 and 11!!!

jaime said...

Kris Ann, how confusing. I do hope he has a strong role in this movie also, including being the married one. I no longer wish to see him unattached and well uncared for. Good Luck with this project Vincent.

awb said...

i liked the episode in loci when he and eams played drs in prisoner,
he looks good in the white coat, he would have made a great doctor
vincent is a producer in the show, so he'll get to call some shots, he's good at what he does.
in front of and behind the camera
he's an amazing man and derserved support from us no matter what part he plays
and Hawk is good too. i think their real life friendship will come across in thier performance as parnters, i think theyll play off of eachother like its just another day in their will be natural for them.
i cant wait, i think it gonna be GREAT!!!!

awb said...

i admit, i wouldnt want to see him with a wife and kids either(yeah..i know)
but it would be nice if he had an really good relationship with his ex wife and kids and a lively social life.

gyang333 said...

@awb such a coincidence! i'm watching the episode where they were posing as doctors just now! before i saw that scene, I was thinking, I had never seen an episode where they pretended to be doctors but now i know what you were talking about lol

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