Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photos: Vincent D'Onofrio visits The Cinema School

Photo by The Cinema School. Full set of photos here

Nov 22, 2011-- Actor, writer, director Vincent D'Onofrio, visits The Cinema School for a preview screening of his new film, Don't go in the woods (2012), and a candid discussion with film teacher Peter Moore and the students of TCS.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Video: Vincent D'Onofrio Listens to "Vincent D'Onofrio (You Make My Heart Race)"

Uploaded by vmcolombo on Nov 26, 2011

Vincent D'Onofrio listens to "Vincent D'Onofrio (You Make My Heart Race)" during a question and answer session for his film "Don't Go in the Woods".

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Video: Hawk D'Onofrio in 'Roommates" sketches

Vincent's nephew Hawk appears in several sketches by CheapTequilaPictures

Roommates - "Milk"
Hawk D'Onofrio - Sleepy Guy
Stephen Pell - Cereal Guy
Directed by Stephen Pell

Roommates - "Broken Lock"
Jon Cowart
Hawk D'Onofrio
Written by Stephen Pell
Shot and Edited by Greg Borkman

Roommates - "Assumptions"
Jon Cowart
Andrew Johnson
Hawk D'Onofrio
Shot, edited and directed by Greg Borkman
Written by Greg Borkman

Thanks Judy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vincent D'Onofrio visits Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

Vincent D'Onofrio visits Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy

Like most successful artists, actor Vincent D'Onofrio knows a little about following his passion. An acclaimed on-screen talent with the hard-won reputation of an "actor's actor," the Law & Order star recently took the helm of a new project: a self-written feature-length horror musical entitled Don't Go In The Woods.

So when a group of equally passionate filmmakers from TFA’s Film + Broadcast program were tasked with cutting the trailer for his labor of love, D'Onofrio seized the opportunity to sit down with them for an intimate conversation about the process, challenges, and craft of filmmaking.

D'Onofrio talked to students about his experience shooting a feature-length film in 12 days with a cast of non-actors and a miniscule budget. He also mentioned plans for a sequel (which, he told students, he'd like to shoot with a crew from Tribeca Flashpoint Academy).

Throughout the visit, every student appeared to delight in D'Onofrio's candid and approachable presence. But above all, it was the real-world advice that students really responded to, as D'onofrio imparted to them the wisdom he has earned during his nearly 30 year career.

Nicolo Ramirez was one of the Film + Broadcast students who took part in the discussion. "One of [D'Onofrio's] main points of advice to us young filmmakers was to try and surround ourselves with likeminded individuals that have similar goals and values. He also encouraged us to experiment and push boundaries in order to test the limitations of what one can get away with."

"When I first heard that our post-production class would be working on a trailer for Vincent D'Onofrio's new film, I never expected that we would get a chance to sit down and talk to him," remarked student Anne Quinlan. "It's not every day that Vincent D'Onofrio watches your work and tells you what he liked and what he would add. He passed on some advice to the group and told us to never stop making films, to always keep working. He said, 'To be successful in this business you need to have no fear, no greed, no envy.' These are words that I will be following in the future."

Don't Go In the Woods premieres on video on demand on December 26 and in theaters in New York and Los Angeles in January. Check out the official trailer, released today, below:

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Video: Vincent D'Onofrio visits Tribeca Flashpoint

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Vincent D'Onofrio's Don't Go In The Woods

Cinemablend, 11.15.11

You know Vincent D'Onofrio as an actor from Law & Order: Criminal Intent, or maybe going back to Men in Black or Full Metal Jacket, but now it's time to meet him as a director. With Don't Go In The Woods, a movie described as a musical/horror hybrid, D'Onofrio steps behind the camera for the first time as a feature director. For your first look at the film, which premieres on video on demand on December 27 and in theaters in New York and Los Angeles in January, check out the film's exclusive trailer.

As you can tell, this isn't really your average story of dumb kids getting chopped up in the woods, with a lot more music-- and a lot more of a meta attitude-- to go along with the usual spooky visuals and high-pitched screams. Here's the film's official synopsis if you want to know more.

Don't Go in the Woods is sound advice, especially when there's a killer on the loose. First-time director Vincent D'Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent") explores love, greed and ruthlessness in this twisted musical/horror hybrid, telling the story of a young band who heads to the woods to get away from their everyday lives in order to focus on writing new songs. Hoping to walk away from the trip with new tunes that will score them their big break, they instead find themselves in the middle of a nightmare beyond comprehension.

If you're in the mood for something a little more along the lines of Halloween scares in the middle of the holiday season, Don't Go In The Woods will show up on your video on-demand program just as the Christmas hangover starts to kick in. It'll probably beat the latest re-run of A Christmas Story, that's for sure.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Video: Vincent D'Onofrio interview on The Loop 97.9- Pete and Jane Show

Vincent D'Onofrio stops by The Loop studios to talk with Pete and Jane about his fans, filming Full Metal Jacket, and his new film "Don't Go In The Woods."

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Interview: Vincent D’Onofrio on his Directorial Debut, ‘Don’t Go in the Woods’ 11.12.11
by Patrick McDonald

CHICAGO – Vincent D’Onofrio has had a career that is rich and diverse. He has worked with directors as distinct as Stanley Kubrick (”Full Metal Jacket”) and Tim Burtonz (”Ed Wood”), and has starred in the legendary TV franchise “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” He presents his directorial debut, “Don’t Go in the Woods,” on November 12th in Chicago at the “Tribeca Film Festival on the Road.”

Vincent D’Onofrio began his career in the early 1980s, and quickly built an impressive resume from there. He played opposite Julia Roberts in “Dying Young” (1991), had character parts in “JFK” (1991) and “The Player” (1992), and famously played Orson Welles in “Ed Wood” (1994). He practically stole the showy film, “Men in Black” (1997) as Edgar, and portrayed Abbie Hoffman in “Steal This Movie” (2000). From 2001-2011, he also made waves on television, memorably taking on the persona of Detective Robert Goren in “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

D’Onofrio is in Chicago this weekend, presenting his debut as a director, “Don’t Go in the Woods.” Described as a “slasher musical,” the film explores the mysteries and fears associated with the deep, dark woods. Vincent D’Onofrio talked about that film experience, as well as his various career paths with What was the genesis for the inspiration behind your story of ‘Don’t Go in the Woods?’

Vincent D’Onofrio:. My friends and I were in the middle of another project, waiting for the rights for that, and it was taking too long. I was anxious about making something. My wife and I have a house in upstate New York and I was driving home from there, and I mentioned to my wife that I wanted to do something now. I told her what I had available – one of my best friends is a composer, I’ve got writer friends and a shooting crew ready to go whenever I want. And we have woods in upstate New York. Honestly, that’s how it happened. I just turned to my wife and said, ‘why don’t I make a slasher musical.’ We shot it for a 100 grand in 12 days – two months after I had the idea we were shooting. How important was it for you to get the right people to play the musicians in the film, and how did Matt Sbeglia embody the proper feel for the lead singer?

D’Onofrio: It was just casting. I knew in my mind what kind of person it needed to be, and Matt was just perfect. He was actually a friend of my nephew, and I had heard his band. Three of the band members are in the movie. I auditioned their songs on MySpace. I had them come over and listen to composer Sam Bisbee’s songs, and they were great. Matt isn’t the lead singer of the band, but the more I got to know him he seemed like the right person to play Nick in the film. What characteristics has most impressed you in the directors you have worked with, and how did you honor those impressions when you stepped behind the camera?

D’Onofrio: The best directors I’ve worked with never went off course. They always stayed on course and had control of the camera crew, the production crew and had their nose in all of it. I could always tell with the great directors, because even though sometimes I didn’t know what they were doing, I was confident that their intuition would be correct in the end, because they were consumed with what they’re were trying to do.

I don’t know if I actually did that on my set. I used the script as a blueprint, we purposely wrote this ‘B-movie’ structure, and made it into a musical. Basically that was the plan, and that is what we achieved. You’ve played the ultimate director, Orson Welles, twice as an actor [’Ed Woods’ and the short film “Five Minutes, Mr. Welles”) What do you think the business never understood about Welles, and do you honor him at all within the composition of your feature directorial debut?

D’Onofrio: I also directed ‘Five Minutes, Mr. Welles.’ I honor him a lot in that one, as I play him at the age he was shooting ‘The Third Man.’ That whole film is very Wellsian. It was very thought out, we constructed the set four feet off the ground and split it into quadrants, so we could shoot from the floor up, like Welles did.

This film is different. We had two cameras in the woods for 12 days, and we just had to get it done. Most of the shots we took are in the film. What is it about our general fears as human beings that makes for a mystery ‘the woods’ as a location that enhances our fears, and how were you trying to communicate that in your new film?

D’Onofrio: It’s a lot like a large body of water, like the ocean, the mystery is just so intense. When you’re in the woods, the trees create a canopy, and only spots of sunlight penetrate this canopy. And it creates this world of its own, because it’s like this place that is a giant span of acreage with an umbrella over it. It’s very singular in a way, it’s like a capsule. If there are a lot of obstacles around, as human beings we need to find our bearings, and we become more vulnerable. Those are the places that are scary.

The woods in the dark is a whole other level. One of the things that was interesting for me in the process of making this film, is that I took the writer and the composer – Joe Vinciguerra and Sam Bisbee – up to the woods, because they had never been in such dense woods before, like I have. We went into the middle of the woods, with flashlights, and I had them stand about 15 feet from me. When I counted to three, we all turned our flashlights off together. After it was completely dark, I went toward them as quickly and silently as I could and got right up next to them, and turned my light on. For the two city boys, at that moment, they realized how dark the woods really are. And most of the film takes place in the woods after dark. Your collaboration with Stanley Kubrick in ‘Full Metal Jacket’ was the stuff of movie legend. What would you tell your younger self now about interpreting that role now, or are you satisfied that it’s all there back then?

D’Onofrio: I think I knew what I had to know at the time to do that correctly. I don’t think I’m suited for that role anymore, but it was just perfect for me at the time. I knew so little about filmmaking, that I can’t imagine doing it differently. I haven’t seen the film in 15 years, but my memories of it is that I was the right age and had the right amount of experience as an actor to do it at the time. You’ve famously have played Detective Robert Goren for the last ten years on ‘Law & Order.’ What has that character taught you about yourself, and where do you think Vincent and Robert best intersect?

D’Onofrio: It was a very difficult part to play, it wasn’t easy for me all the time. I never really thought about the evolution of the character, I just played it on a daily basis as things came at me. I created postures, his voice cadence and certain thought processes that he had. His single mindedness, his stubbornness and his cerebral approach is similar to mine, but other than that I don’t think we have much else is in common. I’m not the kind of guy that would run into a building when other people are running out. But according to law enforcement officers, men and women, I created a guy who was like that, and that makes me very proud. As an actor, I’m a better actor than when I started the show. That ten years definitely improved my acting chops. What do you understand about Abbie Hoffman that you think the social order in the United States never understood?

D’Onofrio: Well, they’re getting it now. [laughs] Any activist back then that was using theater as a way to get their message across was way ahead of their time, even ahead of the media. The media didn’t get it at the time, but now they get it perfectly. They have shows, like on MSNBC, that are doing exactly the same thing – creating theater for politics. It’s the same as what Hoffman was doing, but he was doing it in a grassroots way, because it was all just beginning. Finally, do you think you’ve played your dream role, or do you feel the journey has something out there that will become your dream role, either as a director or actor?

D’Onofrio: I’ve had some really great opportunities. If it all stopped now, I think I would be pretty happy with my body of work, I’ve been so f**king lucky. Anything that comes along for me now is just a gift, an extra bonus.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Photos: Tribeca Flashpoint Academy Welcomes Vincent D'Onofrio

Click photo for slideshow
Photo Credits Howard Tullman

Audio: Vincent D'Onofrio on Eddie & Jobo Show

Listen here

Video: Vincent D'Onofrio interview on WCIU

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Video: Vincent D’Onofrio Creates Slasher Musical in Directorial Debut:

Vincent D’Onofrio Creates Slasher Musical in Directorial Debut:

Happy Veterans Day!

God bless all who served in America's armed forces.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Video: Vincent D'Onofrio on WGN Chicago

Watch video

Win Tix to the Tribeca Film Festival in Chicago This Weekend!

PopSugar, 11.9.11
By Kate Stahl

Think you have to make a trip to NYC for the Tribeca Film Festival? Not anymore! American Express is bringing the festival on the road, hitting Chicago this weekend, and we have a pair of free tix just for you! The three-day event comes to the Landmark Century Centre Cinema (2828 N. Clark St.) from Nov. 11 to 13, kicking off Friday night at 7:30 p.m. with a screening of Janie Jones (check out the trailer above; the movie looks so good!), a cocktail reception, and a Q&A discussion with the movie's star, the adorable Abigail Breslin, along with director David M. Rosenthal and producers Keith Kjarval and Eric Bassett.

Other indie film screenings (all of which include postfilm question sessions with actors, directors, and more) will include Vincent D'Onofrio's Don't Go in the Woods, Donald Sutherland's The Man on the Train, and Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston. Tickets to the screenings are available to all American Express card members, but you can win them by following us on Twitter and entering your email and zip code below. So do it now, dolls!

Go to PopSugar to enter.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Video: Clip from "Don't Go in the Woods"

Uploaded by tribecafilm on Nov 3, 2011

A bloody clip from the upcoming Tribeca Film release, Vincent D'Onofrio's DON'T GO IN THE WOODS!

"Don't Go In The Woods" screens in Chicago on Saturday and Sunday

From November 11–13, enjoy a taste of the Tribeca Film Festival at Landmark Century Centre Cinema in Chicago. Join us for six amazing indie films and an exclusive after party on opening night. Plus, don't miss the post-screening Q&A sessions with the filmmakers including actress Abigail Breslin (Janie Jones)) and director Vincent D’Onofrio (Don’t Go In The Woods), and others. All sessions will include at least one filmmaker.*

Don’t Go In the Woods
Saturday, November 12 9:45PM
Followed by a Q&A* with Vincent D’Onofrio (Director), Erika Hampson (producer), Sam Bisbee
The short film Mr. Stache will be screened with this film (8 mins).

Also screens Sunday, Movember 12 8:45PM

Opening-night screening and after-party with cocktails: $12. Weekend shows: $8 per screening. Ticket proceeds will benefit the Tribeca Film Institute. Ticket limit: 8 per screening. Tickets are not tax deductible. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

Tickets- Must have Amex card

Video: Vincent D'Onofrio on Windy City Live this morning

Actor Vincent D'Onofrio and The Neelys

Roe Conn and Mark DeCarlo are back to talk the day's latest news. Plus, actor Vincent D'Onofrio is live in studio, and in the kitchen, we have husband and wife chefs (and FOOD NETWORK TV stars) Pat and Gina Neely.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vincent D'Onofrio joins Woodstock Film Festival Advisory Board

Woodstock Film Festival Newsletter
November 2011

WFF is proud to announce that friend and Actor Vincent D'Onofrio will be joining the WFF Advisory Board.

Vincent is known as an "actor's actor." The wide variety of roles he has played and the quality of his work have earned him a reputation as a versatile talent. He studied at the Actors Studio and the American Stanislavski Theatre. His debut on stage was in 1984 in the Broadway play Open Admissions, followed by work in numerous other stage plays. As a film actor, D'Onofrio's career break came when he played a mentally unbalanced recruit in Full Metal Jacket, directed by the renowned Stanley Kubrick.

In 2001 D'Onofrio took the role which has likely given him his greatest public recognition: Det. Robert Goren, the lead character in the TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The pilot for a new cop drama has recently set up at NBC in which D'Onofrio will co-star with Ethan Hawke, Blue Tilt.

"We are happy to have Vincent on board," said co-founder and executive director Meira Blaustein. "As an actor, director and producer, his support of the festival has been truly appreciated and that will only continue to increase in the coming years, we look forward to working closely with him as we forge ahead".

Video: Whole Lot of Death in 'Don't Go in the Woods' Clip!

11.8.11: From ShockTillYouDrop --
Vincent D'Onofrio directed and co-penned a horror film called Don't Go in the Woods. You know, D'Onofrio, right? Sure you do: Full Metal Jacket, Strange Days, The Cell, Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Some time in 2010 is wrapped up this morsel of mayhem with writers Joe Vinciguerra and Sam Bisbee and actors Matt Sbeglia, Bo Boddie, Gwynn Galitzer, Jorgen Jorgensen, Soomin Lee and Eric Bogosian. Tribeca Film picked it up and is bringing it to VOD on December 27. A limited theatrical run is expected to follow in a few major cities in January. And look at that...we've got an early exclusive clip to share. What a bloody doozy it is.

The film is the story of a young band who heads to the woods to get away from their everyday lives in order to focus on writing new songs. Hoping to walk away from the trip with new tunes that will score them their big break, they instead find themselves in the middle of a nightmare beyond comprehension.

Kathryn Erbe Tends Bar for 'Stockings with Care' In NYC on Nov 16

Broadway World, 11.7.11

Stockings with Care Celebrity Bartending Night Held In NYC 11/16

New York's television and theatrical celebrities will take their place behind the bar at the semi-annual "Stockings with Care Celebrity Bartending Night" in New York City, Wednesday November 16 at Hudson Station Bar and Grill (440 Ninth Avenue between 34th and 35th Streets) from 7pm to 11pm to raise money for the not-for-profit organization. Stockings with Care provides holiday gifts for children whose families either live in homeless shelters or are in jeopardy of becoming homeless. A $20 cover will be charged at the door and all tips raised by the celebrity bartenders will be donated to Stockings with Care.

Bartending celebrities scheduled to appear include: Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order, Rent), Carrie Preston (True Blood, The Good Wife), Rys Coiro (Entourage, A Gifted Man), Blair Brown (Copenhagen, Fringe), Dean Winters (30 Rock, Oz), Kate Mulgrew (Warehouse 13, Star Trek Voyager), Scott Cohen (Pan Am, Necessary Roughness), Becky Ann Baker (Good People, Freaks and Geeks), Dylan Baker (Damages, God of Carnage, The Good Wife), John Benjamin Hickey (Tony Award winner for Normal Heart, The Big C), Phyllis Somerville (The Big C), Aaron Tveit (Catch Me If You Can, Next to Normal), LaChanze (The Help, The Color Purple), Annie Parisse (Rubicon, Law & Order), Diane Neal (Law & Order: SVU, NCIS), Danny Pino (Law & Order: SVU, Cold Case), Kelli Giddish (Law & Order: SVU, The Good Wife, Past Life), Kathryn Erbe (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Oz), Nancy Giles (CBS News Sunday Morning), Zuzanna Szadkowski (Gossip Girl, Love, Loss & What I Wore), Austin Peck and Terri Conn (One Life To Live) and more special guests to be announced.

There will also be a Silent Auction and a Raffle. All monies raised from this event will support Stockings with Care's 2011 Holiday Drive.
Full article

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Jennifer Lynch talks "Chained" at AFM

Envision Media Arts

November 7. 2011 – Screen Daily: It’s no surprise that Jennifer Lynch is smart and enjoys discussing the darker side of life but she is also disarmingly jolly considering that her credits include Boxing Helena and Surveillance.

Myriad Pictures is selling international rights to her new thriller Chained at AFM. The project is in post after a brisk summer shoot in the Canadian locale of Regina, Saskatchewan.

“It’s about how monsters are made,” says Lynch (pictured on the set of Chained), hair dyed pink and sipping an iced coffee at the Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica over the weekend [Nov 4]. “It’s a genuine Frankenstein story about how violence on a child [can create] violence in an adult.”

Vincent D’Onofrio plays a serial killer who kidnaps a boy and holds on to him for 10 years in a twisted effort to teach the youngster his evil ways. The boy is played by Evan Bird in his younger years, morphing in the later years into Eamon Farren, who won the role after a Skype audition from his native Australia.

Lynch cannot lavish enough praise on the youngsters. Of D’Onofrio she says: “He explained to everyone that his job as a performer was to make it scary and his job as a human being was to make it safe and comfortable for everyone.”

And what of her famous father, David? “He’s a wonderful father and very supportive,” says Lynch. “His very best advice to me has always been, ‘Jenno, it’s about common sense.’”

Paramount-based Envison Media Arts financed the project and Envision partners David Buelow and Lee Nelson produced with Rhonda Baker. Anchor Bay Films has US rights.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Video: DGITW Q&A P2 & Pt 3-October 22, 2011

Uploaded by BillieJean0902 on Nov 6, 2011 --
Vincent and co-writer Sam Bisbee answer more questions about the making of "Don't Go In The Woods" at the Rialto Theater in Westfield, NJ.

Uploaded by BillieJean0902 (aka Blanca)--
Vincent and Sam give more details about the making of "DOn't Go In The Woods" and Vincent answers my question anout the inspiration for his next project "Johnny and Me" and why he's having difficulty finishing the script. As a sibling of a brother with autism and as a fellow autism advocate, I fully support Vincent's effort to bring this story to the big screen. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for sharing these Blanca!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Sheet and Release Info for Tribeca's 'Don't Go in the Woods'

BD Horror News, 11.1.11
By Mr Disgusting

Tribeca Films has announced that Don't Go in the Woods will be opening nationwide VOD December 27 with a limited theatrical run beginning January 2012.

Gearing up for the release, Bloody Disgusting was provided with an exclusive look at the official one sheet that promises "Making a hit can be killer..."

" 'Don't Go in the Woods' is sound advice, especially when there's a killer on the loose. First-time director Vincent D'Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent") explores love, greed and ruthlessness in this twisted musical/horror hybrid, telling the story of a young band who heads to the woods to get away from their everyday lives in order to focus on writing new songs. Hoping to walk away from the trip with new tunes that will score them their big break, they instead find themselves in the middle of a nightmare beyond comprehension."

Maya Entertainment adds "Ass Backwards" to AFM line-up

ScreenDaily, 10.31.11

The company will commence sales this week on the road movie starring Alicia Silverstone, Jon Cryer and Vincent D’Onofrio.

Chris Nelson directed the story and Heather Rae and Molly Conners produced Ass Backwards, which centres on two friends living the high life in New York who run into their former pageant nemesis and are inspired to return to their hometown to win the pageant.

Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael wrote the screenplay following their collaboration on Bride Wars.

“We are excited to have acquired the very funny and quirky comedy Ass Backwards,” Maya’s president of international distribution Elias Axume said. “The cast, led by Alicia Silverstone and Jon Cryer, is terrific and very appealing to many international markets.”

Axume and director of acquisitions Tonantzin Esparza negotiated the deal for the company.

Video: Tales from Beyond the Pale -- 'Man on the Ledge' Behind the Scenes -Get a sneak peek with star Vincent D'Onofrio at the making of the audio play "Man on the Ledge" from Tales from Beyond the Pale. Available as individual CDs, a 5 disc box set, and as digital downloads on Amazon and iTunes beginning October 11, 2011.

A man reflects on his life – and imminent death – while perched on a ledge overlooking Manhattan. Through a series of surprising reveals, what beings as a touching soliloquy on human fraility slowly devolves into a psychotic screed as our ledge-dweller's misdeeds are slowly brought to light. Starring Vincent D'Onofrio as The Man on the ledge with Larry Fessenden as Bill Coley, the officer charged with talking him down. Featuring John Spredakos, Nick Damici and Greg Amici.

[Browse Amazon]


List of films in production.

"In Dubious Battle" [2016]

"In Dubious Battle" [2016]
An activist gets caught up in the labor movement for farm workers in California during the 1930s. Vincent....Al Anderson


A story about the early life of Tennessee Williams

Directed by James Franco
Vincent D'Onofrio, Jacob Loeb

"American Falls" - [TBA]

In a rural town in Southern Idaho, the Suzukis, a Japanese American family, run a small motel. One night they get a strange visitor who sports ‘city’ clothes who turns out to be the first African-American man that Toru Suzuki’s children have ever seen. Yoshiko takes it upon herself to solve the mystery about this man, especially when 2 police officers come knocking on their door.

Short film produced by Erika Hampson.
Vincent D'Onofrio as Detective Foster.

'Purgatory' [TBA]

'Purgatory' [TBA]
Tagline: In the Wild West a lot of blood was spilled... but it didn't go to waste. Vincent....Dallas Stoudenmire

"A Fall From Grace" [TBA]

Detective Michael Tabb knows the city of St. Louis inside and out. He has felt its true heart, as much as its dark underbelly: but he does not know who, in both the dark and light - is taking the lives of young girls.

Director: Jennifer Lynch
Producer/Writer ...Eric Wilkinson

Vincent D'Onofrio ....George Lawson (GRACE's father)
Tim Roth.......Detective Tabb

Filming in St Louis - TBA

"Supreme Ruler" [TBA]

A man campaigns to become the leader of the Buffalo lodge.

Vincent D'Onofrio as Hank Dory
Ron Livingston as Steve
Marcia Gay Harden as Nancy

"The Monster Next Door" [TBA]

"The Monster Next Door" - Comedy Horror

Executive Produced by Dennis Johnson, Melanie Mohlman Produced by Eric Wilkinson, David Michaels
Written by Jim Robbins
Directed by Jennifer Lynch

Cast: Vincent D'Onofrio, Bill Pullman, French Stewart, Bill Moseley

'Down & Dirty Pictures' - [in Production - Filming TBA]

'Down & Dirty Pictures' - [in Production - Filming TBA]
Vincent......Harvey Weinstein

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