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Review: FFF criticism: Chained

Translated by Google-
Life is too short for a film like Chained. The story about a serial killer who kidnapped a nine year old boy and tried to raise him as his successor, is a lesson in frustration (on the part of the audience) and overestimation (on the part of director).

He starts really good. The first quarter of an hour, in the Rabbit, so the name of the serial killer is the boy who is thrust into this new and terrible world, works very well, but then commits the film a fatal mistake: He jumps ten years into the future and tells the rest of the story from the perspective of the elderly and of course totally disturbed Rabbit. This one is out as viewers of the film, we follow the rest from a long distance, because you can build up to a relationship neither of the two figures - except, perhaps, he himself is a serial killer, that would probably help.

Chained but what makes it a real frustration film is the brilliant acting performance of his main characters: Vincent D'Onofrio as Bob, Evan Bird and Eamon Farren as younger and older Rabbit. Had these skills embedded in a reasonable production and a good script, a great film would have been possible.

But fails in this regard Jennifer Chambers Lynch, daughter of David Lynch, unfortunately. Her production drags predictable and tough until the end behämmerten completely gone. There is not one second of humor and only an unexpected turn (see keyword "behämmert"), otherwise stifled the film on his own importance.

Jennifer Chambers Lynch

The director answered a few questions after the film and said, Chained would come in the U.S. only cut to the movies "because it's too intense and feels too real." It could also be another way: For every minute that no one has to watch from Chained is a good minute.

2/5 because of the great acting performance.

via  8.26.12
by Claudia Kern


val said...

Sorry, this makes no sense. Was it translated by Google or is this person simply not as good at English as she thinks? I was at this showing, and as soon as the stuff loads on to my computer you will be able to read a comprehensible review of the film and a chunk of Jennifer Lynch's interview, where she talks about Vincent.

Regina Caschetto said...

Well, each to their own, but a "brilliant performance" by Vincent. Can't wait to get my copy.

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