Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photo: Vincent with Robert Downey Jr having fun on set of "The Judge"

Posted by Robert Downey Jr. --
"Having some fun in Boston on the set of "The Judge" with David Gambino, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jeremy Strong, and my beautiful wife, Susan. "

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"The Judge" to be released on October 10, 2014

 The Warner Bros. dramedy, directed by David Dobkin, also stars Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Billy Bob Thornton, Vincent D'Onofrio and Leighton Meester.

Warner Bros. will open Robert Downey Jr. starrer The Judge on Oct. 10, 2014, the beginning of awards season.

Directed by David Dobkin, the dramedy stars Downey as a successful attorney who returns to his hometown for his mother's funeral to discover that his estranged father (Robert Duvall), the town's judge, is suspected of murder. The man sets out to discover the truth, and along the way, reconnects with the family he walked away from years before.
Vera Farmiga, the female lead, plays a waitress who has never left small-town life and has a history with Downey's character. The film also stars Billy Bob Thornton, Vincent D’Onofrio, Leighton Meester, Dax Shepard, Melissa Leo and Balthazar Getty.

The Judge is a co-production between Team Downey and Big Kid Pictures.

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Video: Clip from filming on location of "The Judge"

Posted by DoubleACS TV15-
Hollywood has come to Attleboro for the production of an upcoming motion picture. “The Judge” directed by David Dobkin and starring Robert Downey Jr., was filming at the Duffy-Poule Funeral Home on Thursday.
Vincent appears briefly in the video.
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Remember "John Lange" from HLOTS: Subway?

Vincent D'Onofrio as "John Lange"in 1997 episode "Homicide: Life on the Street: Subway"
He received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of a commuter who is pushed onto the
subway platform.

Clips and screens caps on HLOTS: Subway here

From Wikipedia:
"Subway" (sometimes referred to as "The Accident") is the seventh episode of the sixth season of the American police television drama Homicide: Life on the Street, and the 84th episode overall. It first aired on NBC in the United States on December 5, 1997.
In the episode, John Lange (Vincent D'Onofrio) becomes pinned between a subway train and the station platform. The Baltimore homicide department is informed that Lange will be dead within an hour and Pembleton tries to solve the case, while comforting Lange in his final minutes. "Subway" featured guest star Bruce MacVittie as a man suspected of pushing Lange into the train's path. The episode was written by James Yoshimura, who co-produced with David Simon. It was directed by Gary Fleder and was the only episode of Homicide: Life on the Street helmed by the feature film director.
The episode won a Peabody Award for excellence in television broadcasting and was nominated for two Emmy Awards, one for Yoshimura's script and one for D'Onofrio's guest performance. "Subway" was the subject of a two-hour PBS television documentary, Anatomy of a "Homicide: Life on the Street", which originally aired on the network on November 4, 1998.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Photo: Vincent from Esquire Magazine 2003

Photo by Gregg Segal  (Esquire Magazine 2003)
Thanks to Bev!

Read the Esquire article here

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Photo: Vincent poses with a fan on set of "The Judge"

 Posted by Rob Frank

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Photo: Vincent leaving set of "The Judge"

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Photo: Vincent leaving set of "The Judge" in Attleboro MA

 via Mike Drasher

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Video: Meeting RDJ and Vincent in Boston

Posted by KpopOnMyMind
"Me and my brother got to meet Robert Downey Jr. and Vincent D'Onofrio today. They were here filming for their new movie "The Judge" which will be coming out in 2014."

"I got to meet Robert Downey Jr. & Vincent D'Onofrio.They were filming a movie [The Judge] across my house. I got a pic w/ Vince."

Thanks for sharing!


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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vincent on location of "The Judge" in Attleboro, MA

ATTLEBORO — Hollywood comes to Attleboro today.

“The Judge,” a Warner Bros. film starring Robert Downey Jr., was being filmed today at Duffy-Poule Funeral Home on Peck Street.

Actor Vincent D’Onofrio of “Law & Order” fame was spotted outside the funeral home today while Downey was also there and signing autographs.

Security officials kept The Sun Chronicle away from the property.

The comedy drama is set in the fictional town of Carlinville, Ind., but has been filmed in various locations in and around Boston since May 31. The plot
reportedly involves a funeral home.
Besides Downey and D’Onofrio, the film stars Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Dax Shepard, Billy Bob Thornton and Leighton Meester. It is being directed by David Dobkin, whose credits include “The Wedding Crashers” and “Shanghai Knights.”

via The Sun Chronicle

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Vincent as 'Hoss' in "Tooth of Crime"
More on "Tooth of Crime

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List of films in production.

"In Dubious Battle" [2016]

"In Dubious Battle" [2016]
An activist gets caught up in the labor movement for farm workers in California during the 1930s. Vincent....Al Anderson


A story about the early life of Tennessee Williams

Directed by James Franco
Vincent D'Onofrio, Jacob Loeb

"American Falls" - [TBA]

In a rural town in Southern Idaho, the Suzukis, a Japanese American family, run a small motel. One night they get a strange visitor who sports ‘city’ clothes who turns out to be the first African-American man that Toru Suzuki’s children have ever seen. Yoshiko takes it upon herself to solve the mystery about this man, especially when 2 police officers come knocking on their door.

Short film produced by Erika Hampson.
Vincent D'Onofrio as Detective Foster.

'Purgatory' [TBA]

'Purgatory' [TBA]
Tagline: In the Wild West a lot of blood was spilled... but it didn't go to waste. Vincent....Dallas Stoudenmire

"A Fall From Grace" [TBA]

Detective Michael Tabb knows the city of St. Louis inside and out. He has felt its true heart, as much as its dark underbelly: but he does not know who, in both the dark and light - is taking the lives of young girls.

Director: Jennifer Lynch
Producer/Writer ...Eric Wilkinson

Vincent D'Onofrio ....George Lawson (GRACE's father)
Tim Roth.......Detective Tabb

Filming in St Louis - TBA

"Supreme Ruler" [TBA]

A man campaigns to become the leader of the Buffalo lodge.

Vincent D'Onofrio as Hank Dory
Ron Livingston as Steve
Marcia Gay Harden as Nancy

"The Monster Next Door" [TBA]

"The Monster Next Door" - Comedy Horror

Executive Produced by Dennis Johnson, Melanie Mohlman Produced by Eric Wilkinson, David Michaels
Written by Jim Robbins
Directed by Jennifer Lynch

Cast: Vincent D'Onofrio, Bill Pullman, French Stewart, Bill Moseley

'Down & Dirty Pictures' - [in Production - Filming TBA]

'Down & Dirty Pictures' - [in Production - Filming TBA]
Vincent......Harvey Weinstein

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