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Review: Pawn Shop Chronicles

Pawn Shop Chronicles Is More Worn Out Than Weird

Pawn Shop Chronicles
Directed by Wayne Kramer
Anchor Bay Cinema
Opens July 12

The type of third-rate Quentin Tarantino crime saga that lost its luster in the late '90s, Pawn Shop Chronicles presents three intersecting vignettes about Southern-fried crazies, all of whom we meet in the pawn shop owned by Vincent D'Onofrio's laid-back loan artist.

Director Wayne Kramer (Running Scared, Crossing Over) makes plain his cartoon-comedy intentions early and often via comic-book-panel-style title cards. The presiding atmosphere of over-the-top zaniness, however, is of a broad, banal sort involving little people, rampant nudity, and quasi-religious nonsense. There's plenty of wannabe-amusing banter about African-American Santas and why skinheads hate Jews to distract from the trio of tales about two dim-witted druggie thieves (Paul Walker and Kevin Rankin) looking to rob a dealer, a husband (Matt Dillon) rescuing his long-lost wife from a madman (Elijah Wood), and a pathetic Elvis impersonator (Brendan Fraser) making Faustian deals for fame.

With its Confederate flags, camera-whooshing slapstick violence, and tiring psychosexual madness, Pawn Shop Chronicles feels, in both structure and specifics, as worn out as the junk traded by D'Onofrio, who gives the film its only authentic weirdo moment when he pauses, mid-conversation with a customer, to close his eyes and quietly blow air at a pesky fly.

via Village Voice
By Nick Schager Wednesday, Jul 10 2013


Director Wayne Kramer's reply:

Oh Nick Schager, why do you love me so? You are so predictable - and the laziest film critic who ever put paws to keyboard. Must have taken you exactly three seconds to pull that Quentin Tarantino wannabe lead-in from out of your ass crack. I bet you saw the list of upcoming movies to review and immediately shot your hand up at the thought of another Wayne Kramer evisceration. Well, good on you. What does that make it now - three for three? My world would be a lonely place without your 'critical' wisdom to set me straight. Thank you and may I please have another?

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Release date:  August 27, 2013

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Regina Caschetto said...

I love it! I don't care what some critic says, I can't wait to see this movie. And don't you love that Vincent always does some little thing to steal the show. In "The Break Up," it was cleaning out his ears with the handkerchief. Our Vincent is a genius.

thereel said...

I'm with you Regina, can't wait too.
LOL, I remember the handkerchief thing!

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