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‘Jurassic World’ Interview: Vincent D’Onofrio

Set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, Colin Trevorrow‘s Jurassic World sees the dinosaur theme park fully restored and operational. But even with its success, the park needs to find ways to attract new visitors, and at InGen’s request, the science team created the Indominus Rex, a fearsome hybrid dinosaur that grows beyond InGen’s control. Now, it is up to Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), a raptor whisperer, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), the park’s CEO, and the island’s private security force to stop the monstrous creation before she can cause more damage.

In the film, Vincent D’Onofrio plays Vic Hoskins, the leader of Jurassic World’s private security force, who is also trying to utilize the park’s dinosaurs for military purposes. We had the opportunity to talk to D’Onofrio over the phone about the film, his character, and working with director Colin Trevorrow. We also had a chance to reminisce about working with Rick Baker on the set of Men in Black, and were reminded about Marvel’s code of silence.

Check out the full interview below.

Geeks Of Doom: What’s it like to get a script that has Jurassic World in the title?
Vincent D’Onofrio: Amazing. Amazing. You have to take your time with it, because you have to make sure you are getting the whole thing. You want to make sure what it is.

Geeks of Doom: Was there any initial worry to working with someone like Colin Trevorrow, because this is his second film, first major blockbuster, and at what point did you see that he was the right person for the job?
Vincent D’Onforio: I had already seen, before any of this came up, I had already seen Safety [Not Guaranteed], and I loved it. So what I did, when he was attached to it, two things went through my mind. One was if [Steven] Spielberg was entrusting him to do a draft of it and direct it, it’s okay by me. You know what I mean. The other was… I loved the first movie that he did, and that movie could have really been super bad. And it was so good, and the way he edited it was just perfect. You know what I mean? I knew I was getting someone super talented. Then we had conversations before we met on the phone, so we got along right away. We got along really well. That’s all I can say about that.
On set, he is at the helm of this incredibly big production, and he is just fantastic. He is very involved with the actors. He is very in story, all the time. I can’t say enough great things about Colin. Colin is a terrific guy and a real big talent.

Geeks of Doom: So going to your character, do you consider him a villain or just an opportunist?
Vincent D’Onofrio: I don’t really know, I consider him a guy with a point of view, with a job to do. I do think he has one opinion. I don’t think he is crazy. I’ll say this, if I had approached it like he was a villain, it wouldn’t have come out like that. You gotta approach it like he was a real guy, and that was his real intentions, and he would commit to it. The way I approach it is that he is a very real guy, and he has got a job to do, and he was hired to do it.
Geeks of Doom: Yeah, he certainly had some ideas to use the dinosaurs as weapons, and it made some sense to do it.
Vincent D’Onofirio: I mean, do I agree with him? No. But he is a particular kind of guy.

Geeks of Doom: So my first major experience watching you in a theater was in 1997 for Men In Black. So I gotta ask, what was it like to work with Rick Baker at the time?
Vincent D’Onofrio: Rick was incredible. We used to meet in the trailer at 3am, and he would construct my face and my hands, and paint, paint, paint for hours. And when everyone would get on set which was something like four or five hours later, they would set up shop. Rick and I would roll out and do a scene and then go home. It would be like that every morning. That makeup job, the amount of time took anywhere between five and sometimes seven, eight hours, depending on what stage my character was at the time. He’s just an awesome guy. I’ll never forget that time we spent working together.
You know, we often have a lot to do with how that character turned out. It was not in the script that dictated how the character ended up the way he ended up looking, and sound the way he ended up sounding. Rick and I got to do a lot of that stuff on our own.

Geeks of Doom: So, moving on to a bigger question, will you be returning for Daredevil Season 2?
Vincent D’Onofrio: Oh, I can’t talk about that. I can’t say a word about Daredevil.

Geeks of Doom: I guess it’s the Marvel Code of Silence at work then.
Vincent D’Onofrio: I have to. It’s Marvel. It’s not my choice. Marvel doesn’t want you to talk about it, so you don’t talk about it.

Jurassic World opens in theaters today!

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